There is rightly a focus on gaining new customers as a roofing contractor, but with a little ingenuity, there are ways to tap into your existing customer database to boost your business.

Anna Anderson, CEO of marketing agency Art Unlimited, sits down with RC Publisher Jill Bloom in this episode of “Dear Anna” to discuss the various tactics contractors should consider to maximize their customer base.

Anderson notes that most contractors know to ask for an online review from their satisfied customers to boost their reputation and presence. It also serves as a helpful tool when showing prospective customers that you do good work. Often, though, contractors don’t go beyond that initial ask.

“I think that's the gap, is how are you leveraging your customers' data and how are you continuing to grow your business?” Anderson says. “That's where we need to do the pause and say, ‘Hey, marketing team, what are we doing with this? How are we leveraging it in our marketing strategy?’”

For example, Anderson suggests your existing customer base can be used as a basis for finding new customers. By examining your database, you can determine which customers you serve best and are the most likely to sign contracts. With this information, marketing efforts can be refined and targeted.

“The more you get into this type of thought process, the more opportunities are uncovered,” Anderson said.

For more ideas, listen to the full episode here, and be sure to check out previous “Dear Anna” episodes for additional marketing advice.