No matter what market you’re in or how successful your roofing company has been in the past, there are always opportunities to dig up more revenue – and a prime source is already at your fingertips.

In this episode of “Dear Anna,” marketing guru and CEO of Art Unlimited, Anna Anderson, discusses how roofing contractors can dig up more work by looking to the past for future business.

“Whether you’re just impacted by a weather-related event or your market is slow, the universal opportunity that I see contractors not always tapping into is that past work – existing customers that you’ve already done a job for – and how are you leveraging that list?” Anderson said.

To tap into that potential gold vein, Anderson provides some tips and strategies roofing contractors can implement. That could include leveraging service agreements – both in commercial and residential jobs – and simply sending out messages to customers to remind them of annual inspections or maintenance.

Regarding inspections, Anderson suggests contractors examine the value that they bring to their companies and whether to consider adding fees to them or simply expanding how many are done in a day or week.

“You can follow [the inspection] up and say, ‘Here’s our referral program,’” she said. “There are so many opportunities to keep that customer happy, tap into their network and maybe even promote some new services.”

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