Roofing contractors are joining the increasing number of companies using artificial intelligence to help run their business. In this brief RC Best of Success Podcast episode, Publisher Jill Bloom sits down with Jessica Reyna, owner and marketing director of Kill Your Competition, to discuss how ChatGPT and other forms of artificial intelligence are being used in the roofing industry.

One point Reyna makes clear is that artificial intelligence is not always right. “ChatGPT, in a sense, can do the same thing [as most artificial intelligence],” she said. “It’ll grab different information across the Internet, what it thinks is accurate and relevant, but it doesn’t always mean those citations can actually be sourced or fact-checked.”

Reyna also said the easiest way to incorporate artificial intelligence into your business is to use it to respond to reviews. “If you have a high volume of review response, and you’re like, ‘gosh,’ there’s companies out there that will pay other companies, obviously, to respond to these reviews in a thoughtful way,” she said. “Or, you just don’t have time, and you know that because Google makes everything public, if you don’t respond to these reviews, it will hurt your ranking and your visibility score. Well, now you have a way, Podium does it and Birdeye, where they can literally go click there and it’ll automatically respond to the review.”

Watch the full conversation here.