BELLEVUE, Wash. — EagleView announces the launch of EagleView Assess, an autonomous drone technology that provides residential property intelligence including the highest available resolution imagery, anomaly detection, and roof measurement. Launching from the ground, EagleView Assess lets contractors, adjusters and insurance carriers obtain unbiased evidence of roof damage, including hail, wind, or aging — without the worries of actively piloting the drone.

This level of autonomy plus property intelligence removes much of the friction from the claims process, speeding claim acceptance and ultimately, homeowner’s repairs. Already used by industry leaders in insurance, contractors can join the waitlist to utilize and benefit from EagleView Assess.  

"Roofers spend inordinate amounts of time individually inspecting roof damage," said Allan York, vice president and general manager, construction for EagleView. "From worrying about clear images of damage to climbing a roof, with EagleView Assess, we provide the level of quality our customers already trust and now damage detection all done autonomously. Now contractors can focus on the claim instead of being a better drone pilot."

Utilizing artificial intelligence, machine learning and real-time 3D processing, EagleView Assess gathers, catalogs and assesses shingles for damage. This process results in an unbiased and independent set of data that is unparalleled in today’s market that eases claim submission and acceptance.

EagleView Assess can: 

  • Derive measurements and roof condition data — anywhere you can fly a drone in the United States
  • Safely capture imagery for the entire roof with automated obstacle detection that maps out each flight path to avoid trees, chimneys, and other potential dangers
  • Provide roofing contractors imagery for lead canvassing as well as validating quality of work after a job is completed 
  • Shorten timelines from estimate to repair with objective, accurate data accepted by leading insurance carriers

"We believe that EagleView Assess will be a trusted source of property intelligence for the roofing industry," said Piers Dormeyer, president of EagleView’s Commercial Division. "Since our inception, we’ve served the roofing community with data of the highest quality. EagleView Assess is the next critical step in providing unparalleled services that transform and advance the industry."

The waitlist for EagleView Assess opened today inviting contractors to place a nominal deposit to be among the first shipments this year.