Aside from low-slope, steep-slope, and bucket or roll, there aren’t many other two-word combinations uttered by RC editors more than “Top 100.” In any given year, it is the top-searched content, and most-trafficked topic page, producing some of the best engaging social media posts industrywide.  

Internally and externally, it’s the most talked about among the half-dozen or so other content programs we execute annually, and it’s understandable. People love rankings. People love to hate rankings. People love – and sometimes need – motivation, and the Top 100 List certainly provides much of that, whether you’re trying to get onto it or pushing to stay there. 

It was clear from the calls and emails we received shortly after the submission period opened in January that the level of interest in this year’s list was very high; the number of submissions reflected that. After weeding out the duplicates or since-merged companies in the mix, RC received roughly 200 total submissions from roofing contractors around the country. That’s the most entrants since 2019.

While I’m not sure what that means, at least it’s consistent with something we often heard from our Top 100 hopefuls this year: business operations are returning to “normal” or are starting to resemble pre-pandemic levels. We ask several questions on the digital entry form, and while most of the focus understandably remains on the revenue rankings, I enjoy the listing process for different reasons.

It’s a data set and a valuable reporting tool. We get to ask roofing contractors for assessments of how they’re doing, where they’re going, and how they intend to get there. 

Some roofers offer broad or intentionally vague responses, but there tends to be real value in the entries that get specific about systems or strategies and that netted results over the previous year. That can be anything from adding key staff or launching new service offerings to purchasing new software or equipment that boosts productivity. We hear some of the bad news, too. About price volatility killing projects; lighter-than-normal storm impact; new regulations, and insurance woes. 

This part of the process helps with spotting possible new trends to focus on. It also provides a glimpse into what’s working for roofing contractors and us RC editors can validate or scrutinize survey data gathered as part of our annual State of the Industry coverage. 


Among my favorite yearly exercises with the submissions is learning why roofing contractors participate and value the recognition the Top 100 List offers. Here are some highlights:

“This is a huge accomplishment and shows all the hard work and dedication each and every member of our team contributes [to] accomplishing our goals. It has helped us grow and create a culture that people want to be a part of. We strive to hire great people who are focused on doing the right thing and being part of something much bigger than themselves.”

 – Shaun Sideris, COO of Wegner Roofing & Solar in Billings, Mont.

“We want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the best in the industry and we will continue to try to make it further and further up the list! We’ll do that with training, adding to our staff and providing superior services.”

 – Matt Kowalis, marketing manager with Central Roofing & Siding, Sullivan, Ill.

“It means a lot to us to be recognized for all the hard work our team has done. This is a morale booster for our employees as they get to be proud of working for a company that makes the list of Top 100 Contractors. Being on the list in 2022 has helped our business to market better and get new clients.” 

Rae Fistonich, director of steep-slope operations, Chinook Building Envelope Services, Fife, Wash. 

Enjoy the list and what you can from the fruits of our labor as we do yours. Hope to see you on it next year!