GALENA, Kan. — In June, TAMKO Building Products LLC celebrates 20 years of its successful Six Sigma program. Six Sigma at TAMKO is a business strategy, management philosophy, and system for success that employs the scientific method and data analysis to reduce variation and improve products and processes. 

The implementation of Six Sigma at TAMKO in 2002 revolutionized the company’s focus on quality, process improvement and innovation and helped drive the company’s mission to provide consistent quality building products to homeowners across the nation. Six Sigma at TAMKO became an important part of the company’s Continuous Improvement efforts in 2002 and was integrated into every facet of TAMKO’s operations and company culture. 

“Six Sigma has had such a positive influence on the way we do business,” said Mike Shifferd, TAMKO’s director of Six Sigma. “Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen employees go through the program changing the face of innovation and quality at TAMKO, helping to sustain business for many years.”

The Six Sigma program at TAMKO, which began in 2002 with 12 full-time Six Sigma Black Belts, has grown over the last 20 years. Six Sigma has also served as TAMKO’s management training program with Six Sigma alumni now in leadership positions throughout the company. 

History of Continuous Improvement 

Continuous Improvement at TAMKO is the common thread of the company’s innovative nature that connects its history to its culture today. Former TAMKO President Jay Humphreys drove TAMKO’s unceasing pursuit of Continuous Improvement more than 40 years ago with the adoption of Dr. W. Edwards Deming’s Total Quality Management principles. With that foundation of Deming Continuous Improvement, TAMKO Chairman and CEO David Humphreys initiated Six Sigma in 2002, under the leadership of then Executive Vice President Tim Whelan to make Six Sigma “the way we get things done around here.” 

“TAMKO’s unwavering commitment to innovation and Continuous Improvement at TAMKO and our Six Sigma program are the institutional foundations for why TAMKO has been so successful,” said David Humphreys, TAMKO chairman and CEO. “Nearly all employees have been a part of a Six Sigma project at some point in their careers at TAMKO, and everyone should feel incredibly proud of the difference they’re making at TAMKO using Deming Continuous Improvement and Six Sigma to drive improvement and innovation that have been key to our long-term success.”