WAIPAHU, Hawaii — Commercial Roofing & Waterproofing Hawaii (CRW) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.CRW 20th Anniversary

“2013 has been fortunate to the company as a whole, as it brought forth business opportunities locally with long-standing relationships and a continual growing reachinternationally spanning Pacific Asia cities including Bangkok, Chinaand Vietnam,” CRW PresidentGuy Akasakisaid.

Headquarteredin Waipahu,Hawaii,CRW has additional branchesin Honolulu, Guam and the Philippines,and plans to continue its company growth in Asia. “The Asia Pacific region is connected through trade and commerce and is rapidly expanding its industries,” Akasaki said. “With our established presence throughout the Pacific, opening our doors to Asia has become a natural evolution and an opportunity for further growth and extension of our international footprint.We anticipate company strength through our basic foundation of roofing and increasing our services to include sustainable energy solutions for the commercial markets abroad.”

“I’m especially pleased that our employeeshave willingly shared a corecommitment to integrity, honesty,and a drive to aspire to provide the best full-service roofing solutions and integrated applications for our customers,” said Akasaki.“As I reflect on the past few years, I see a continual transition taking place in the company culture as the core values that established us 20 years ago hold firm through the ups and downs.The growth in our core team of talented individuals,as well as the inclusion of my daughters Dana as the chief corporate marketing director and Candace as the assistant controller,have also brought a fresh outlook and positive attitude.The combination and synergy has brought us the good fortune to expand our reach in other countries.”

He continued,“I would have never dreamed of the success we have enjoyed throughout the years,and I am humbled by the fortunate encounters and relationships we have built.Having started as a three-man team to 80 employees today, our presence now with years of experience in the industry is vital to our success.As we further expand into the Asia Pacific region, all of our clients will benefit from the expertise, knowledge and core values we bring.”

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