PHOENIX — RYNO Strategic Solutions, a leading digital marketing agency for the home services industry, announces a new partnership with Contractor Dynamics.

RYNO Strategic Solutions and Contractor Dynamics share the same vision of being valuable strategic partners for roofing companies. In partnering, RYNO expects to bring greater value to their clients by pairing their digital marketing solutions alongside a proven marketing training platform specifically designed for roofing contractors.

"RYNO is excited to partner with Contractor Dynamics on our pursuit to elevate the digital marketing experience in the roofing industry, like we have done the past 14 years in HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical," said RYNO CEO Chris Yano. "We believe Contractor Dynamics has the same high standards, values and integrity as RYNO to be a true, meaningful partner with roofing companies."

Yano says the respect Joseph Hughes, marketing director at Contractor Dynamics, has in the roofing vertical and knowledge of Do-For-Yourself Social Media Marketing he has proven, are a great complement to RYNO's digital marketing services. 

"I'm personally excited that RYNO and Contractor Dynamics are partnering up," said Jeff Bowab, vice president of sales at RYNO. "We believe that the synergy that we both bring is currently unmatched in the industry. Joe and his team at Contractor Dynamics bring tools to the roofing space that are unique and proven game-changers. Together, we are looking forward to helping roofing contractors meet their goals for years to come."

Contractor Dynamics was founded in 2013 and has worked with thousands of roofing contractors and construction companies to help leverage their marketing to grow. Formerly a digital marketing agency, Contractor Dynamics has since changed focus towards being an educational resource. They have an education-first philosophy, and equip companies with industry-leading marketing training programs and materials.

"RYNO has a proven track record in helping contracting companies adapt and grow in the digital space," said Hughes. "We value this partnership, as it provides a full complement of marketing resources to contractors, with a combination of industry-leading training and data-driven advertising. One of our core values at Contractor Dynamics is that we are a trusted advisor to our industry. So, when we have the opportunity to align with like-minded companies that share our values, we're able to create a scenario where everyone elevates and wins."