Mosaic, a leading financing platform for residential solar and energy-efficient home improvements in the United States, recently announced two new partnerships to help drive residential clean energy adoption through affordable financing options.  

ClimateMaster and Leap are now working with Mosaic to offer financing options to homeowners across the U.S. to help them make their homes more valuable, comfortable and resilient through sustainable home improvements. Mosaic works directly with leading companies like ClimateMaster and Leap so their contractors can offer fast and affordable financing options right at the point of sale.

According to a news release, Mosaic’s mission is to enable the transition of residential housing to 100% clean energy through energy efficient upgrades and renewable energy systems. These partnerships accelerate that mission, particularly at a time when consumer incentives are at an all-time high after the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed.  

Leap’s goal is to give contractors options that will make the financing process as simple as possible for their customers to finance their home improvement projects. Mosaic’s platform is fast and easy to offer right at the point of sale.

Mosaic will work with ClimateMaster and their distribution partners to train their sales force on the simplicity of offering payment options, as well as help navigate the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) extension for geothermal through the IRA. ClimateMaster intends to drive the adoption of geothermal energy through this partnership.