PLANO, Texas — The National Storm Damage Center (NSDC) has formed a national strategic partnership with Pride Public Adjusters.

“This collaboration will provide NSDC customers with valuable tools, resources and ongoing education around storm-damage loss and the insurance industry,” said NSDC CEO Trevor Leeds. “This has never been available before to the public in this model.”

The NSDC developed a revolutionary forensic, geo-targeted technology that’s designed to detect every critical characteristic of an impending tornado and hurricane, including the precise addresses that will be most affected, and alert homeowners about the storm crisis through text messages and emails in real time.

The NSDC recently announced the hiring of world-renowned Chief Meteorologist Rocco Calaci to manage its storm-tracking technology and global meteorology team. The next move on the NSDC’s chess board was partnering with a public adjusting firm.

According to Leeds and NSDC Executive Director Dave Carlson, the choice was simple. “Pride is the Ferrari of the public insurance adjusters industry,” Carlson said.

“What impresses us about Pride is their integrity, their success in getting claims paid, use of cutting-edge technologies and how they aggressively advocate on behalf of policy holders nationwide,” Leeds agreed. “Their No. 1 mission is making sure their clients get exactly what they’re supposed to receive.” 

PPA Managing Partner Kevin Burpee said the NSDC’s new business model “is going to change the industry forever. What they’ve done is unprecedented.”

The NSDC developed a 24/7/365 next-generation forensic weather-reporting monitoring system featuring geo-targeted coordinates with more than 95 percent accuracy and can monitor any home or property in the world, right down to its exact address.

Current storm-detection technology is delayed, is only 60 percent accurate and “cannot come close to pinpointing the precise location of where a storm is going to strike,” said Carlson, the co-founder of EagleView Technology, the pioneer of aerial imagery and data analytics for the roofing industry and contractors. 

The NSDC utilizes next-generation weather-radar systems and technology to collect the most critical storm information and weather-mapping reports. Calaci and his meteorologist staff scan storm data in real time. The NSDC platform has transformed a manual process into an automated procedure for the first time featuring real-time storm-tracking data and algorithms.

In conjunction with its forensic storm-tracking technology, the NSDC developed an innovative and interactive portal for homeowners to be paired up with top-rated certified contractors and Pride Public Adjusters. “Pride works for the policy holder — not the insurance carrier,” Carlson explained.

Insurance carriers don’t monitor storm damage. Policy holders must contact them. Pride, on the other hand, monitors its clients’ properties, and if a storm hits, PPA alerts its customers to potential damage, and if a claim is warranted, it prepares a comprehensive report that is then submitted to insurance carriers.

“We not only have the ability to monitor customers properties and contractors projects 24/7/365,  but we are providing Pride with the tools, data and resources to manage their large commercial clients properties to remain proactive and stay one step ahead of follow up storms,” Leeds said.

“We wanted to create a consumer face that touches a property owner, contractor and public insurance adjuster at the time of need, right after a storm hits and devastates a property,” he continued. “And that’s exactly what we did.”

The NSDC-PPA partnership is a liaison between the property owner, contractor and insurance carrier. “PPA will go toe to toe with insurance carriers to maximize a claim for the property owner,” Carlson said. “They are nationally known for being successful on large complex claims where others have failed.”

The partners at Pride, along with its senior adjusters, have extensive knowledge in construction as well as a solid insurance adjusting background.  Many were disenchanted with insurance carriers, whose primary goal is to pay as little as possible on a claim, and decided to use their expertise to fight for consumers.

“Our primary concern is the truth and we advocate for everything that the policyholder is entitled to,” Burpee said. “Based on our experiences, insurance companies do not tell policyholders everything they should. That’s what we’re there for.”

Pride Public Adjusters has 33 locations in the United States and four offices internationally. Pride is licensed in most states, except for a few states with limited exposure. The company is in the process of getting licensed in every state in 2015.

“With adjusters in most states “we can be at almost any loss location within two hours,” Burpee said.

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