After eclipsing the $100 million mark in annual roof sales revenue in 1994, CentiMark Corporation Founder Ed Dunlap began to realistically entertain the thought of becoming the industry’s first billion-dollar roofing contractor

“A lot of the employees that were around at that time are still here and or still working at the corporate office, and they all thought he was crazy,” quipped son and current President and CEO Tim Dunlap, who was just fitting into his role in leadership at the time. “It may at that time have been only a dream, but it was something that he pushed within the organization and reinforced over the last 27 years.”

Many people thought the same thing when the elder Dunlap, a roofing materials salesman by trade, converted the janitorial supply business he started in the basement of the family home into a roofing service and maintenance company in 1968. That company was the foundation for the commercial roofing force that would become CentiMark in 1968, and helped revolutionize the industry as it consistently grew in markets from coast to coast. 

Now, as heads of one of the leading commercial roofing companies on the continent for decades, both Dunlaps can celebrate accomplishing what most said was once unthinkable — operating a billion-dollar roofing company. 

See and hear more about it, and what’s the next company goal in sight in this exclusive conversation with RC.