As we head into 2020, we must prepare ourselves for an onslaught of “20-20 vision” references. I might as well begin now and get it over with. Here goes…

What is your vision for 2020? Please permit me to submit a suggestion: Focus on yourself.

The new year begins a new decade. Nothing magic about that, but it does tend to make one stop and look back at the previous decade or ahead at the decade to come. If you find yourself in this time of reflection and planning, I urge you to consider putting self-improvement at the top of the list.

Most roofing contractors wear a lot of hats. This is especially true of the smaller operators, but even medium to large roof contracting firms have owners who are fully engaged in the day-to-day operation of the business. The time and energy it takes to oversee a roofing company while in a functional role (or roles) leaves very little time for an owner to focus on their own individual growth.

My reason for bringing this up now is for you to look ahead at the next decade. What kind of roofing business are you operating now versus the kind of roofing business you hope yours will be 10 years from now? Would your resumé of today match up with that position of tomorrow?

The truth is, with rapid changes in technology, you could not know what the leadership position of your future entails even if you did know the size and scope of your future business. This is getting closer to the heart of my point: You must always keep yourself in training. You must always be in growth mode as the chief executive of your roofing business.

If you are like most roofing contractors, you have spent a considerable amount of time and resources developing talent in your company. The continuing shortage of workers in roofing demands this of you. As the leader, it is even more important than ever that you take the time to improve yourself. Great people like working for great leaders. If you want to be a world-class recruiter, you must be a world-class leader. That takes work on your part, and forgive this additional reference to 2020, but you really need to focus on it.

If you are not already working on a written plan for self-improvement, this would be a good time to start. There are a lot of resources available to you, such as the annual International Roofing Expo and Best of Success conference. RC will there for you, and to help lead you to many other learning opportunities with other contractors who, like you, are seeking to make the most out of the next decade.



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