There are many reasons I am proud to be associated with the roofing industry. You keep the nation dry while protecting the property where we live and work. 

That would be enough, but there’s so much more. You continuously improve the quality of the finished roof. You create jobs and work hard to keep your workers safe. There’s always room for improvement, and you recognize that while working hard on it every day. 

Many roofing contractors take the work they do to another level by donating materials and services to the elderly, veterans, nonprofits, and others less fortunate in their communities. And since roofing is such a vital component of a safe home and other structures, a relatively small amount of giving by roofing suppliers and contractors goes a long way — and keeps giving for many years. 

 Philanthropists take on a variety of forms with many different reasons for giving. Regardless your reason for desiring to give back to the community, I believe it’s always good for you and your roofing business. Your reputation as an individual is important to the folks you employ. The reputation your roofing business has in the community is only enhanced by your philanthropic efforts. 

For some, giving without seeking recognition or praise is reward enough. I believe at the level of your enterprise, however, that a measured approach to philanthropy is the best course of action. And that includes an appropriate measure of marketing. 

If you have not made it a practice to give from the level of your roofing business, there are a few things you may wish to consider. Your legal and accounting professionals should be consulted to gain the best tax advantage (which will further empower your giving efforts).

It’s always a good idea to begin with a plan. Pulling your team together to write a giving mission statement will provide the first benefit to your enterprise. Engaging your team from the outset will provide you with the buy-in you need to make the most of whatever you do, and will provide them with ownership in the efforts. 

A written plan outlining the amount of time and money to be advanced is important to keep you on task as well as placing limits on the use of resources that everyone involved will understand and help manage. It’s essential to budget both time and resources and study the options for meeting needs in the community. 

No matter how you choose to give, make sure the organization or organizations you choose to partner with are legitimate nonprofits and their missions line up with yours. This is essential as you must manage the message you put forward to the community by way of your advertising and/or social media efforts. The message should be straightforward and always match whether it comes from your side or the organizations you’re supporting. You should also plan for the lean times, which are bound to come. “Leveling out” the peaks and valleys of business may include establishing a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) or private foundation. 

By institutionalizing your charitable efforts, you will multiply the blessings you work hard to earn. And not only for the community and your team, but for yourself.

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