KANKAKEE, Ill. — IKO Industries Ltd. is now making the residential section of its website available in Spanish.

According to Director of Marketing Carol Perkins, the move was made in response to a rapidly growing need to provide Spanish-speaking contractors, installers, homeowners and others involved in the roofing business with the same level of expertise and product information other site visitors enjoy.

“IKO roofing shingles and accessories, such as underlayment, ice and water protector and other components of our ShieldPRO plus+ roofing system, have earned a well-deserved reputation for quality,” Perkins said. “Homeowners and contractors alike have come to ask for IKO by name.”
“There’s a large and fast-growing segment of the population whose mother tongue is Spanish,” she continued. “We wanted a way to help them to feel that same level of confidence and trust in all of our IKO products. By ‘speaking their language,’ we hope to simplify their buying decision. It’s complicated enough to understand the technical aspects of asphalt roofing shingles. Imagine dealing with a language barrier at the same time!”

She goes on to say that more and more Spanish-speaking contractors are starting up businesses, too.

“Contractors have always told us how much they appreciate IKO’s support, especially in helping them build their businesses,” she explained. “They know they can count on us for accurate, timely information on IKO roofing products as well as sales, service and technical support.
She continued, “By extending the product information on the residential side of our website to include Spanish as well as English and French, we’re confident we will succeed in building trust with them, too. Everything that Spanish-speaking homeowners and contractors need to know about all of our asphalt roofing shingles will be right at their fingertips.”
Perkins observed that globalization is presenting all companies with unique challenges and opportunities.

“As an international leader and innovator in the roofing industry for over 50 years, IKO is very well positioned to deal with these new realities,” she said. “We’ve always responded to the changing demands of our contractor and distributor networks as well as to those of their customers. Communicating in their language of choice is in everyone’s best interest.”

She encourages homeowners and professional roofing contractors to check out the residential section of IKO’s corporate website, now in Spanish.

For more information, visit www.iko.com.