KANKAKEE, Ill. — IKO, has just launched its own channel on the world’s most popular video sharing site, YouTube.

According to Director of Marketing Carol Perkins, IKO has been hard at work on a multi-level marketing program. It’s designed to keep pace with the rapidly changing needs of the company’s consumer, contractor and distributor markets as well as with current and quickly evolving technology.

“Phase One was to revamp our corporate website to be more interactive and accessible on the go,” she explains. “Now that our new site is up and running, Phase Two — the launch of IKORoof, our proprietary YouTube channel — will become a standalone resource as well as an enhancement to the new website. There’s tremendous synergy to be gained between the two.”

“Embedding videos on our site creates a more interactive experience for our visitors. Homeowners and contractors will find a growing library of instructional videos in English and French on topics ranging from the anatomy of a roofing system to how roofing professionals can grow their businesses,” Perkins continued. “Google loves video, too, so doing this makes sense in terms of search engine optimization. IKO’s YouTube channel can direct viewers back to our website for further information to locate a contractor or distributor.”

Perkins and her marketing team will implement a push and pull-through strategy, meaning that IKO is not producing the videos exclusively — contractors and homeowners will be able to upload and share theirs as well. Such videos might include customer testimonials or business success tips that roofing professionals would like to share.

“Video is one of the most effective ways that people digest new information. Having our own YouTube channel will give both consumers and contractors the opportunity to learn from a global leader. Our videos will reinforce our credibility as a reputable, responsible company people can come to know, like and trust,” said Perkins.

Visitors to the IKORoof channel on YouTube will be able to share the videos with others on the most popular social media platforms.

To view or subscribe to IKO’s new YouTube channel, visit www.youtube.com/user/IKORoof.

For more information, visit www.iko.com.