SCHOOLCRAFT, Mich. — Chem Link has unveiled its redesigned logo. The purpose of the change is to convey Chem Link’s commitment to innovation in meeting the challenging demands of the 21st century.


The new logo features an atom-like particle that arcs across the typography and includes the phrase “Polymer Innovation” in blue. Chem Link is emphasizing its core capabilities in polymer chemistry to differentiate itself from companies that only manufacture, package and distribute.

The logo has been designed to express this spirit of innovation more dramatically. The left-to-right motion is intended to convey action, movement into the future and energy. The blue and green underscore Chem Link’s ongoing commitment to maintaining a healthy environment by continuing to develop solvent-free, non-toxic products.

“It’s not unusual for companies to modify their logotype and iconography to better express their vision and their message to the markets where they do business,” said CEO John Thomas. “We are a dynamic company with a host of ideas for products, systems and related technologies in the pipeline. The 21st century will demand more efficient manufacturing methods, stronger and lighter construction, and better management of energy and the environment. We see the landscape ahead and wanted to find a way to convey this dramatically.”

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