MetaLink is a high-performance silicone-based metal roof sealant from CHEM LINK, formulated for such applications as standing seam detail work, flashing and gutter seams, and mechanical duct work.  MetaLink has ideal properties for use on metal:  it handles continuous service temperatures from -80° F to 400° F, adheres to Kynar 500® PVDF, and has an excellent field record of retaining its flexibility over time. Now CHEM LINK laboratories have made MetaLink even better, improving its joint movement from 25 to 50 percent.  Because metal has such a high coefficient of expansion, and moves extensively with temperature swings, joint movement is critical to a durable, long-lasting installation. New MetaLink is better than ever-and it retains its non-shrinking, non-toxic, non-solvent properties.

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