Chem Link has announced important new improvements to its high performance adhesive/sealant, M-1.  M-1 has been a standard product for roofers because it offers a wide range of applications including repairing flashings, sealing termination bars and coping joints, filling test cores, and repairing tears and penetrations, even under water!

As reliable and effective as M-1 has been, CHEM LINK laboratories have enhanced its properties.   M-1 strength in all categories-shear, tear and tensile-have been significantly improved.   At the same time, elongation has also been dramatically increased from 290% to 525 % and joint movement now stands at 35%, making M-1 more flexible and durable.  And M-1 is still solvent-free, non-shrinking and non-toxic.

The new M-1 features a bright silver cartridge with a special 25th anniversary icon, and it is available through all the usual distribution channels. For more information, visit