SCHOOLCRAFT, Mich. — Chem Link, of Schoolcraft, Mich., is celebrating its first 21 years as a designer and manufacturer of high-performing and safe adhesives and sealants for commercial and industrial construction. It is a company with a unique vision: “Improve the state of the art,” by making products stronger and with better performance, and “Do no harm.” Chem Link’s laboratory and manufacturing facilities are fully dedicated to advanced polyether technology which is the basis for all product development and gives the Michigan company a broad product line in North America capable of both superior performance and significantly reducing atmospheric pollution.

New products are constantly being developed to Chem Link’s standards, and new products have been introduced almost every year since the first plural-component elastomeric urethanes were developed in 1990, the year the company was founded. The company develops, formulates, tests, manufactures, packages and ships its products from its fully integrated facility in southwest Michigan.

The company’s mission is to produce products that must present no danger to people, the air, water or earth. They may be used in any setting without fear of exposing applicators or building occupants to toxic fumes, and may be shipped without hazmat restrictions.

Since its founding the company has undergone consistent growth through two moves and severe economic recessions. It has made significant progress toward its goals of helping contractors do their jobs better and easier without the dangers associated with the solvents and toxins still present in so many construction materials.

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