Chem Link is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the slogan “Chem Link is a New Kind of Company.” 

Chem Link, a producer of sealants and adhesives based on polyether (Silyl Modified Polymers) chemistry, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with the slogan “Chem Link is a New Kind of Company.” Its ultra modern laboratory and facilities in southwest Michigan are designed for and dedicated exclusively to developing and manufacturing Chem Link’s polyether formulations, which meet and exceed all known environmental regulations and earn LEED and NAHB Points. The company holds numerous patents on its products.

“Today, solvent- and water-based products are used throughout the half trillion dollar building industry because, until recently, they were the only formulations readily available. The many millions of tons of solvents that evaporate into the air annually from unregulated building products are second only to transportation in their contribution of green house gases to smog and widespread air pollution,” said Chem Link founder and CEO Phillip Georgeau. “The industry is now on the cusp of profound change due to the development and commercialization of this latest classification of SMP sealants recognized by the Sealant and Adhesive Council.”

Chem Link was founded in 1990 on the premise that it was possible to create sealants and adhesives that would deliver superlative performance-and that would also be totally safe. Today, that idea is at the heart of a thriving company dedicated to replacing solvent-laden and water-based products. The company’s polyether sealants and adhesives are available nationwide, allowing contractors to work more efficiently and safely, with no shrinkage, toxic fumes or flammability.

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