SOPREMA Lastobond Self-Adhesive

SOPREMA’S Lastobond is a self-adhesive underlayment membrane composed of special elastomeric SBS modified bitumen blends. It is also high-temperature resistant and available for multiple top surfaces (shingles, titles and metal roofs). Lastobond is easy to apply, cost effective and self-sealing. It can also be used as a protection from ice dams or strong storms. For more information,

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Polystick IR-X Self-Adhesive

Polyglass USA continues to offer innovative solutions for the roofing industry with its Polystick IR-X self-adhesive waterproofing underlayment. Manufactured using Polyglass’ ADESO self-adhesive technology, Polystick IR-X is a homogenous, rubberized waterproofing underlayment with a glass fiber reinforcement for superior performance and long-term durability. This self-adhesive underlayment also features a skid-resistant top surface. Polystick IR-X meets ASTM D 1970 code approvals and is Miami-Dade County approved. For more information, call 800-222-9782, fax 775-575-2314 or

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MonierLifetile Tile Ply Underlayment

MonierLifetile offers a wide range of concrete roof tile options that when installed with the full complement of roof system components creates an energy-efficient, high performing and long-lasting roof that will meet or exceed regional performance requirements throughout the United States. The Roof System Components available to enhance the performance of a MonierLifetile roof includes Tile Ply, a modified asphalt underlayment, reinforced with fiberglass secondary layer roof deck protection. This premium component is engineered to perform seamlessly with MonierLifetile’s concrete tile profiles. It can also be used with other tile roof products. For more information, call 800-571-8453 or

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IKO GoldShield Premium Ice & Water Protector

IKO GoldShield Premium Ice & Water Protector is a superior self-adhesive membrane, composed of a rubberized asphalt material. It is extremely flexible for easy installation and top performance even in extreme weather conditions. It is surfaced with a unique treated film to provide a non-slip surface. GoldShield offers unique sealing properties that will form a protective seal around roofing nails. For more information, call 888-IKO-ROOF or

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Carlisle Water and Ice Protection

Carlisle Residential offers Water and Ice Protection (WIP) 300HT, a self-adhering underlayment designed specifically for use under metal roofs. Resisting temperatures up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, WIP 300HT is rubberized asphalt laminated to an impermeable polyethylene film that offers dual-barrier moisture protection. WIP 300HT is available in black or white and features new skid resistant surfaces. Offering excellent adhesion and self-sealing properties, WIP 300HT meets ASTM D 1970 code approvals. For more information, call 800-211-7170, fax 888-780-9870 or

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Tarco Leak Barrier

LeakBarrier EasyLay resolves the problems that roofers are experiencing with uncoated plastic underlayments. Installed the same as traditional saturated felts, EasyLay does not absorb moisture and does not warp. It provides an effective moisture barrier until permanent shingles, tiles, metal roofing or self-adhering cap sheets can be applied. EasyLay is now available in 4-square, 36-inch wide rolls. For more information, call 800-365-4506, fax 501-945-7718 or

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CertainTeed WinterGuard Waterproofing Underlayment

WinterGuard HT (high tack, high temperature) advanced waterproofing underlayment withstands high-temperature applications and features excellent flexibility and an aggressive sealant for strong adhesion. Designed for metal, shingle, slate and tile roofs, WinterGuard HT creates a weather-tight barrier. WinterGuard HT has a tough, tear-resistant film on its top surface that will not scratch roofing metal applied over it. The split-release backing sheet makes the product easy to handle and position before deck adhesion occurs. For more information, call 800-233-8990 or

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Berger Pro-Master RoofShield

Berger Building Products Inc. offers Pro-Master RoofShield UDL and UDL Plus, two Synthetic Roofing Underlayment products that protect buildings from moisture. Both products are light, durable and manufactured for safety; UDL has an anti-slip coating and UDL Plus has Traction Twist Fiber. Nail patterns and alignment guides are printed on the product for quick and easy installation. For more information, call 800-523-8852 or

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DeWitt Peel-and-Stick Underlayment

DeWitt Products “All-in-One” peel-and-stick underlayment for under shingles is the only combination roll that is an ice and water and starter strip membrane. It has a self-sealing strip on the edge to prevent wind uplift. Save time, money and your health on installation. It is great to use under dimensional shingles because it is only one layer instead of two layers. Also, DeWitt Products “Lite N’ Smooth” ice and water self sticking membrane has no granules on the surface, making it the best surface to walk on, especially on steep surfaces. Top surface made with special SG 100 asphalt to resist shingle welding and tacking when installing. For more information, call 800-962-8599 or

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Cosella-Dorken Underlayment Solutions

DELTA-MAXX TITAN roof underlayment features a shiny silver TITANium coating, reflecting up to 50 percent of radiant energy, while an inner layer absorbs water vapor -up to one-quarter gallon per square yard - for evaporation outside. A self-adhesive border also speeds up installation. At 550 perms, DELTA-FOXX far exceeds other underlayments at discharging excess moisture from the home, while DELTA-ROOF is the best solution for ventilated roofs with conventional asphalt shingles. For more information, call 888-4DELTA4 or

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GAF Breathable Roof Deck Protection

GAF Materials Corporation’s new Deck-Armor Premium “Breathable” Roof Deck Protection provides extra protection from moisture at the roof deck and lays flatter so shingles look better. Deck-Armor’s revolutionary “breathable” technology helps prevent inside moisture from becoming trapped within the roofing system and causing expensive structural damage. Professional installers love Deck-Armor’s special slip-resistant surface - its exceptional walkability keeps installers safer on the job, even on steeper pitched roofs. Deck-Armor is backed by a 25-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects. For more information, call 800-365-7353 or

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