Synthetic Underlayment • Atlas Roofing

Designed for tile roofs, WeatherMaster® TU Ultra is a self-adhesive, synthetic underlayment consisting of a proprietary modified asphalt and woven polyester. Its polyester surface aggressively bonds with foam adhesives used in tile installation and can withstand stacked tiles without slippage or damage to membrane surfaces. WeatherMaster can also be used with slate and metal roofs. With a 60-mil high-temperature thickness, it provides excellent traction for roofers during roofing installation, along with ease of use — no special adhesive, heat or equipment is necessary when properly installed. For more information, visit


Fire-Resistant Underlayment • Benjamin Obdyke

Benjamin Obdyke’s Cedar Breather® is a fire-resistant (ASTM E108-tested) underlayment product designed specifically for wood shingles and shakes. Cedar Breather’s patented three-dimensional design allows continuous airflow between the solid roof deck and shingles, and creates a space to help eliminate excess moisture, allowing the bottom of the singles to dry. Cedar Breather also provides cushioning during severe hail, works to prevent thermal cupping and warping, and reduces potential rotting. Installation does not require any special tools and eliminates the need for furring strips. For more information, visit


Air and Vapor Barrier • Carlisle SynTec Systems

Carlisle SynTec Systems’ VapAir Seal™ MD is a premium air and vapor barrier for direct-to-metal-deck applications. Made up of a reinforced composite aluminum foil with a tenacious self-adhesive SBS backing and removable poly release film, it stops vapor drive and prevents air from moving moisture into the roofing system. Self-adhering, cold-applied and easily seamed, this product is ideal for buildings with high internal humidity, such as wet industrial processes, breweries, swimming pools, sports halls, kitchens and bathrooms. For more information, visit


Personalized Underlayment • CertainTeed

The CertainTeed Brand Your Roof™ program allows contractors and distributors to add their company logo to DiamondDeck™ synthetic underlayment, essentially doing double duty by turning a current roofing project into a personalized billboard. The synthetic, scrim-reinforced, polymer-based underlayment can be used beneath shingle, shake, metal or slate roofing and serves as a water-resistant layer beneath roofing shingles. It is lightweight, easy to carry and includes a top surface treatment for superior traction and slip. With six-month UV stability, installation can take place on a more flexible timeline, without compromising the integrity of the roof. For more information, visit


Metal Roof Membrane • Cosella-Dörken

Let metal breathe easier with DELTA®-TRELA from Cosella-Dörken — a vapor permeable, ventilating and water-resistive membrane for roofs and walls that improves performance of high-quality metal cladding. Roofs like standing seam metal, copper or zinc are selected for their beauty and their longevity.  Including DELTA-TRELA in the design will help attain that longevity by draining moisture to prevent corrosion, creating a permanent ventilation space, allowing for thermal expansion and contraction and reducing precipitation impact noise by up to 15 dB. For more information, visit


Roof Deck Protection • GAF

Deck-Armor™ Premium Breathable Roof Deck Protection combines exceptional strength and superior breathability to help protect homes against roof rot and other costly damage. It provides a critical extra layer of protection between the roof and roof deck to help prevent wind-driven rain (or water from other sources) from infiltrating under shingles and causing damage to the roof structure or the inside of the home. Deck-Armor  is a key part of the GAF Lifetime Roofing System and has earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal. For more information, visit


Leak-Protection Underlayment • Grace

Grace Ice & Water Shield® is a fully adhered, smooth-surface roofing underlayment that provides best-in-class roof leak protection. With more than 35 years of performance history, this underlayment has proven its excellent protection properties against wind-driven rain and ice dams. It offers a watertight bond with the roof deck, high-quality seal around roofing fasteners and forms superior laps. Ice & Water Shield has an embedded Ripcord®, Split Release on Demand, making it easier to waterproof detailed areas such as valleys, chimneys and roof-to-wall transitions. For more information, visit


Shingle Underlayment • Henry Company

Henry Eaveguard Self-Adhered Shingle Underlayment is specifically designed to provide secondary waterproofing protection to shingles, as well as prevent ice damage. It is composed of high-tack rubberized asphalt and glass fiber mat. Sand on the upper surface provides a slip-resistant working surface. Additionally, the lower surface has a split-back polymer release liner for ease of application. Henry also offers SRR Eaveguard Start-R-Roll, specifically designed to provide a protective waterproof base beneath the first course of shingles. Its zip strip seals down shingle tabs to protect against wind uplift. For more information, visit  


Self-Adhering Underlayment • InterWrap

RhinoRoof® RSA self-adhered underlayment is designed to protect roofing structures from water infiltration caused by wind driven rain and ice dams. RSA is intended for use under many roofing materials including metal, tile, slate and shingles. It is easy to use, versatile and created for use on the whole roof or on critical roof areas such as eaves, ridges, valleys, dormers and skylights. RSA combines a flexible synthetic facer with a uniquely formulated modified rubberized asphalt peel-and-stick backing. This combination allows the product to conform to imperfections in the roof deck or stretch around fastener protrusions. For more information, visit


High-Temperature Underlayment • MFM Building Products

Ultra HT Wind & Water Seal™ is a high-temperature rated, self-adhering underlayment composed of a cross-laminated, non-slip polymer film laminated to a high-temperature rubberized asphalt adhesive. It is engineered for use with metal roofing system where extreme heat is generated. It adheres aggressively to most common construction substrates. This 45-mil underlayment comes in a 36-inch wide, 2-square roll. Tested to ASTM D 1970, Florida Building Code FL# 16562 and Miami-Dade County approved. Ten-year limited warranty. For more information, visit


Waterproofing Membranes • Polyglass U.S.A. Inc.

Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. offers a wide variety of roof underlayment options. Polystick® roof underlayments are rubberized asphalt waterproofing membranes designed specifically for use in various roof applications: Polystick IR-Xe is meant for use under shingle roofs and comes with a mineral or sand surface; Polystick TU, TU P are meant for use under clay or concrete tile roofs and feature a granule surface; Polystick TU Plus and TU Max are meant for use in high-temperature tile environments and feature a fabric surface; and Polystick MTS is meant for use in high-temperature metal applications and features a film surface. For more information, visit


High-Strength Underlayments • SDP Products

PALISADE™ synthetic and PALISADE-SA-HT™ underlayments leverage advanced polymer technologies to deliver superior safety, strength and HT performance. The underlayments feature a patented STRONGHOLD™ skid-resistant technology that provides surface traction with a highly engineered raised surface pattern of rubberized dots to help grip and anchor the roofer. The underlayment’s high-tensile woven construction makes it six times lighter and 30 times stronger versus 30-pound felt. PALISADE is rated for six months exposure and up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, ideal for all types of metal roofing. With KOOL BLUE™ high-reflectance technology, it stays eight times cooler than felt. For more information, visit


Peel-and-Stick Underlayment • Tarco

The EasyLay UDL SA is a premium peel-and-stick underlayment made by bonding a polypropylene synthetic felt structure to a self-adhering modified bitumen layer. The multi-laminate configuration includes an aggressive modified bitumen compound that self-seals around nails and adheres to a variety of substrates; a split-back release film that can be easily removed to expose the sticky modified bitumen layer; and a top layer of synthetic. The underlayment is designed for steep-slope applications and can be used in shingles, shake, slate, tile and metal roofing. It is provided with a 30-year limited warranty and meets ASTM D1970. For more information, visit


Synthetic Underlayments • Underlayment Specialties Plus

Underlayment Specialties Plus is a supplier of premium synthetic roof underlayments. The company creates and develops safety- and performance-based products that are competitively priced and technologically advanced. USP offers three unique, high-performance products that are suitable for use under all roof coverings. RooftopGuard II is carefully engineered to be a safe, best-performing roofing underlayment. It is backed by a 50 year warranty. Roofers Choice II is a value-priced performance underlayment and is made in the United States. Ice Protect Plus is a tough, flexible and exceptionally stable self-adhered modified asphalt underlayment. It is ideal for metal and tile applications. For more information, visit