High Temperature Underlaymenthigh temp

Polyglass USA, Inc.

Polystick® MTS underlayment for high temperature installations is ideal when used under metal roofs. Produced by Polyglass, Polystick MTS is manufactured utilizing ADESO® dual compound technology which features an aggressive adhesive compound on the bottom surface and a slip-resistant top surface. Specially formulated to be temperature resistant to 265 degrees Fahrenheit, Polystick MTS exhibits tensile strength and thermal stability helping protect the investment of a high-quality metal roof installation. For more information, visit www.polyglass.com.



underRoof Underlayment


NovaSeal® Roof Underlayment by IPG is an anti-slip 100 percent synthetic roof underlayment that is lighter and stronger than standard roofing felt, providing protection against water infiltration. Designed for both residential and commercial use, the woven polypropylene underlayment outperforms Type 15 and Type 30 asphalt roofing felts in nearly every dimension, including durability, ease of handling, weight, and overall protection from the elements, according to the company. For more information, call 800-474-8273 or visit www.itape.com.



Lightweight Synthetic Underlaymentlightweight


Tarco LeakBarrier® EasyLay® UDL Basic and UDL 50 are lightweight, synthetic underlayment products for steep-slope roofing applications such as shingle, shake, slate and tile. It is multi-laminate with a woven poly scrim beneath a nonwoven fabric coated with UV-stabilized polyolefin. The Limited Warranty is 30 years for UDL Basic and 50 years for UDL 50.  For more information, call 800-365-4506, e-mail tarco@tarcoroofing.com, follow www.facebook.com/TarcoRoofing or visit www.tarcoroofing.com.



high underHigh Performance Underlayment

Owens Corning

Owens Corning Deck Defense® synthetic roof underlayment provides an immediate line of defense – it can protect the roof from UV exposure for up to 6 months, resisting moisture and winds up to 110 MPH, according to the company. It is designed for fast and safe installation, providing a superior walking surface and offering five times more coverage per roll. For more information, visit www.owenscorning.com.




Synthetic Underlaymentsynth


CertainTeed DiamondDeck™ High Performance Synthetic Underlayment is a scrim-reinforced, water-resistant underlayment that can be used beneath shingle, shake, metal or slate roofing. It has dimensional stability and tear-resistance for reduced puncture risk. It features six-month UV stability so a roof can be finished when ready, along with a cool grey surface color for a more comfortable working environment. For more information, visit www.certainteed.com.



selfadSelf-Adhering Underlayment

Carlisle WIP Products

Carlisle WIP Products offers WIP 300HT, a self-adhering underlayment developed specifically for use under metal surfaces. WIP 300HT is a 40-mil, high-tensile-strength, rubberized asphalt underlayment designed to withstand temperatures up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The rubberized asphalt is laminated to an impermeable polyethylene film layer, making WIP 300HT a superior waterproofing underlayment that provides dual-barrier moisture protection and withstands the most extreme weather conditions, resulting in permanent protection and low lifecycle costs. For more information, visit www.carlislewipproducts.com.



Underlayment for Metal Roofsmetal


DELTA®-TRELA maintains the sustainability and new look of metal roofs. It also provides roof waterproofing, provides drainage and helps stop corrosion. Its high permeability prevents moisture build up and it reduces rain impact up to 15dB. DELTA®-TRELA allows for thermal expansion/ contraction and protects investment in high quality cladding. For more information, call 888-433-5824 or visit www.delta-trela.com.



self membraneSelf-Adhesive Membrane


IKO GoldShield Premium Ice & Water Protector is a superior self-adhesive membrane, composed of a rubberized asphalt material. It is extremely flexible for easy installation and top performance even in extreme weather conditions. It is surfaced with a unique treated film to provide a non-slip surface. GoldShield offers unique sealing properties that will form a protective seal around roofing nails. For more information, visit www.iko.com.




Synthetic Underlaymentsynthetic under

SDP Advanced Polymer Products

PALISADE Synthetic and PALISADE-SA-HT Self-Adhered roofing underlayments offer patented STRONGHOLD wet/dusty surface skid resistant technology and KOOL BLUE low heat absorption (8 times cooler than felt), as well as low glare technology. It is 50 times stronger and 7 times lighter than felt, Class A. PALISADE-SA-HT is ASTM D-1970, 250 degree Fahrenheit continuous high temperature rated. Both products are 6 months UV/Wind/Rain exposure. For more information, call 866-747-4035 or visit www.sdp-products.com



premiumPremium Underlayment


DuPont™ Roofliner premium roof underlayment for sloped commercial and residential roofs, new construction and re-roofing applications is now available in a 4-square roll. The smaller size roll allows roofing contractors to purchase a quantity of Roofliner that more closely matches the amount needed for a job, helping to reduce waste. In addition to providing durability and protection against leaks, the new DuPont™Roofliner size is lighter, making handling and transportation easier, according to the company. For more information, visit www2.dupont.com.



Synthetic Roof Underlaymentsynthetic roof under

Alpha Protech

REX SynFelt is a high performance synthetic roof underlayment offering tear strength, 20 times greater than 30# felt, as well as a slip resistant surface, according to the company. The slip resistant surface is built into the product so there is never a fear of delamination or loss of the slip resistant surface. It can be left exposed for six months and comes backed with a 50 Year Warranty. For more information, visit www.alphaprotech.com.



high temp underHigh Temperature Underlayment

MFM Building Products

MFM Building Products is pleased to offer MFM Wind & Water Seal Plus™ to the residential and commercial construction marketplace. MFM Wind & Water Seal Plus™ is a 40-mil, high temperature rated waterproofing underlayment composed of a reinforced, non-slip polymer film laminated to a rubberized asphalt adhesive system. This self-adhering membrane is engineered for use under all roofing materials, particularly metal roofing systems where extreme heat is generated. It aggressively adheres to most common construction substrates. For more information, visit www.mfmbp.com.



Shingle Underlaymentshingle under


Tiger Paw shingle underlayment has a specially designed surface that helps provide excellent walkability for installers and provides at least 600 percent greater tear strength and up to 147 percent higher nail pull-through strength than standard #30 felt. The convenient 10 square, 48-inch wide roll installs up to 33 percent faster than a roll of #30 felt and is 33 percent lighter. For more information, visit www.gaf.com.



roof underRoofing Underlayment


DRY-TECH is a highly breathable roofing underlayment with self-ventilating polypropylene three dimensional webbing. It has an acoustical value of 8 Dbs. It is fully waterproof and will not bond with underside of metal panels in hot conditions. The underlayment prevents condensation of underside of metal panels and provides an air space between panels to allow moisture to dissipate when under specific RH conditions. For more information, visit www.roofaquaguard.com.



Synthetic Underlaymentsynthc under


TITANIUM products offer slip resistant front and back surfaces including patented mechanically enhanced nodular slip resistant walking surface. If a roofing project demands a premium 50-year warranty, a safe and comfortable walking surface, a high/low temp peel & stick ice damming protection, or a more durable 30lb felt replacement; then InterWrap has a product to meet expectations, according to the company. InterWrap now also offers RhinoRoof™ a 15 pound felt replacement specifically designed for use under asphalt roofing. For more information, visit www.interwrap.com/roofing.



premium underPremium Underlayment

Eagle Roofing Products

 Eagle Roofing Products’ new Eagle Seal premium underlayment provides durability and reliability to homebuilders, roofing contractors and homeowners. Eagle Seal is a multi-purpose, steep slope, self-adhered roofing and waterproofing underlayment specially designed for concrete, clay tile and metal roofs. It is ideal for both adhesives set and mechanically fastened slope roofs in both new construction and remodeling applications. For more information, visit www.eagleroofing.com.