Reflective Coating • Firestone

The Firestone Building Products White AcryliTop™ Coating reflects at least 68 percent of the sun’s energy after three years, which is 30 percent more than the minimum initial and aged reflectance requirements of the Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR program. AcryliTop Coating can be applied to almost any roofing system and offers several benefits such as extended roof life, energy savings and decreased pollution. Firestone Building Products also offers a 10-year AcryliTop Coating Limited Warranty, which covers labor and material on a prorated basis should the coating lose adhesion from the roof substrate. For more information, visit


Elastomeric Membrane • GAF

TOPCOAT® Elastomeric Roofing Membrane is a water-based, spray-applied liquid, which cures to form a seamless, 100-percent acrylic, elastomeric membrane specially designed to seal the entire roof. It is an ENERGY STAR-qualified, reflective product that will help to reduce building temperatures. TOPCOAT is listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council for solar reflectance and thermal emittance. It offers high tensile strength and elongation, and it is virtually undamaged by extended exposure to solar ultraviolet energy. It is low in VOC, non-flammable, and presents minimal hazard to the applicator and the environment. It is available in white (for maximum reflectivity) and 15 standard colors. Custom tinting is available. For more information, visit


Waterproofing System • The Garland Company

Garland’s CPR™ System is a highly reflective, low-odor, synthetic liquid rubber membrane designed to waterproof and restore existing metal roof and wall panel systems, delaying costly roof replacement and improving the overall performance of the roof system. This lightweight, multi-layer waterproofing system will only add one-fifth of a pound per square foot to existing roof systems when completed, eliminating the time and cost associated with engineering a new roof system. The CPR System provides excellent resistance to UV damage and deterioration due to weathering by forming a rubber-like monolithic membrane over the entire surface. For more information, visit


Silicone Coating • KARNAK

KARNAK has announced the addition of one more energy-saving solution to its rapidly growing KANOPY Sustainable Roof Coating Solutions offering. The product, KARNAK 670 Karna-Sil, is a high-solids, low-VOC, silicone coating that meets California Title 24 requirements. The coating is UL Class A rated, ENERGY STAR rated, CRRC rated and Miami Dade County Code approved. KANOPY Reflective Roof Coatings are backed by KARNAK’s Warrranty and include acrylic, SEBS, SBS, fibered aluminum and silicone reflective roof coatings. For information, visit


Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings • Mule-Hide

Mule-Hide professional-grade Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings help contractors deliver lasting restorations that extend roof life while adding reflectivity and emissivity. The line includes Metal Roof Primer, Flashing Grade, standard finish coatings and specialty finish coatings, such as Skylight Finish. Complete systems are available for use over metal, asphaltic substrates and areas where ponded water occurs. The EPDM Restoration System™ includes EPDM ReSurface Agent™ to prepare the surface for A-300 Finish, ensuring tough adhesion. A-300 and A-320 Finish are CRRC rated and ENERGY STAR listed. A-600 Base is formulated for use over aged TPO. For more information, visit


Roof Coating Line • National Coatings

AcryShield Quick Set roof coating products are specifically formulated to resist early wash-off associated with light rain and heavy dew. When these weather conditions are forecast, these Quick Set coatings deliver contractors peace of mind and a solution. The AcryShield Quick Set base coats and top coats can be applied on virtually any roofing substrate creating a leak-free, watertight membrane with lower material costs and a faster project completion time. For more information, visit    


Silicone Coatings • Polyglass U.S.A.

Polyglass U.S.A. Inc. has launched its latest white roof system option with a line of advanced silicone roof coating products that include water-based and solvent-based options, primers and accessories. The coatings are inorganic, moisture-cured coatings that provide a seamless, flexible and durable protective barrier against weather elements. Polyglass offers two silicone roof coating options as part of its Kool Roof Solutions®: Polybrite 90, a premium-grade, high-solids, single-component silicone roof coating; and Polybrite 95, a solvent-based, ready-to-use silicone roof coating. For more information, visit


Sustainable Coating • Quest Construction Products

The HydroStop PremiumCoat® System is a liquid-applied, water-based sustainable roofing and waterproofing solution for coating, recover, re-roof and new roof applications. It provides a fully adhered, adhesively attached, breathable acrylic membrane. Highly reflective, Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) listed FinishCoat layers reduce heat and lower energy costs. Properly installed and inspected, the PremiumCoat® System qualifies for 15-, 20- and 25-year system warranties which, under proper maintenance and recoat schedules, can be extended for the life of the building. For more information, visit or


Reflective Coatings • Thermo Manufacturing

Since 1948, Thermo Manufacturing has been offering one of the most extensive product lines in the coatings industry. Thermo Materials® are formulated for application in the commercial, industrial, government and institutional construction segments. The company’s fluid-applied reflective products stop the deterioration of the roof while substantially reducing cooling costs. The company focuses mainly on repair and restoration, but Thermo Materials may also be used in new construction. Products include: Thermolastic® Solar Shield®, Thermolastic Super Prep® Thermolastic Sun Stop® and Thermolene SEBS Reflective. For more information, visit


Water-Free Coatings • Topps Products

Just because a customer’s old roof is in need of maintenance, looks bad or has a few leaks doesn’t necessarily mean replacement is the answer when you can restore and extend its performance with Topps. The company’s total roof care systems featuring cool Topps Seal® liquid-applied rubber membrane provide smart, lower-cost alternatives that could keep customers in the running when an all-new roof is out. Highly solar reflective in white. Topps Seal is an Energy Star partner and Miami Dade approved. For more information,