Silicone Coating • KARNAK

KARNAK has announced the addition of one more energy-saving solution to its rapidly growing KANOPY Sustainable Roof Coatings offering. That product is 670 Karna-Sil, a high-solids, low-VOC silicone coating that meets California Title 24 requirements. It is UL Class A rated, Energy Star rated, CRRC rated, and will soon be Miami Dade County and Florida Building Code approved. Kanopy Reflective Roof Coatings are backed by KARNAK’s Warranty and include acrylic, SEBS, SBS, fibered aluminum and silicone roof coatings. For more information, visit


Fluid-Applied Roofing System • American WeatherStar

The Ure-A-Sil Premium Flat Roof Restoration System is a premier, fluid-applied roofing system designed by American WeatherStar (AWS) to restore and protect almost any commercial roof. AWS designed the system based on the strengths of the system components: AWS Urethane 520 and AWS Silicone 410. The base layer and durability of the system begins with AWS Urethane 520. The urethane technology is known for its adhesion qualities and superior durability. Top layering the system with Silicone 410 offers excellent UV stability and ponding water resistance, making the AWS Ure-A-Sil System a great cool roofing option. For more information, visit


Reflective Coating • Firestone

Firestone Building Products AcryliTop™ Coating is a reflective coating that can be applied to a variety of roofing systems. This cool roof coating can extend the life of a roof and helps reduce the amount of energy used in a building, and as a result cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions. The white AcryliTop Coating is a sustainable option,

as it can reflect up to 68 percent of the sun’s energy over the course of three years. This is 30-percent higher than the minimum initial and aged reflectance requirements of the Energy Star program. For more information, visit


Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings • Mule-Hide

Mule-Hide professional-grade Elastomeric Acrylic Coatings help contractors deliver lasting restorations that extend roof life while adding reflectivity and emissivity. The line includes Metal Roof Primer, Flashing Grade, standard finish coatings, and specialty finish coatings such as Skylight Finish. Complete systems are available for use over metal, asphaltic substrates and areas where ponded water occurs. The EPDM Restoration System™ includes EPDM ReSurface Agent™ to prepare the surface for A-300 Finish, ensuring tough adhesion. A-300 and A-320 Finish are CRRC rated and ENERGY STAR listed. New is A-600 Base for Aged TPO. All products deliver superior weatherability, flexibility and reflectivity. For more information, visit


Elastomeric Coatings • Polyglass U.S.A.

The quality and performance that can be found in Polyglass white elastomeric coatings is now available in Kool Grey. Polybrite 70, PG700 and Polybrite 24 elastomeric coatings extend the useful life of the roof, offering the same high-performance levels of the thermal emittance as Polyglass Bright White coatings. Available in pails, drums and totes, Kool Grey is used for ease of identifying coating coverage during application. Use Kool Grey as a base coat and apply Bright White for a top coat. Polybrite 70 and PG700 meet ASTM-D 6083, as well as Dade County and Florida Building Codes. Polyglass roof coating systems can be warranted up to 12 years. For more information, visit


Liquid Applied Rubber Membrane • Topps Products

Just because your customer’s old roof is in need of maintenance, replacement may not be the answer when you can restore and extend its performance with Topps. The company’s total roofcare systems featuring COOL Topps Seal® liquid-applied rubber membrane provide smart, lower-cost alternatives that could keep you in the running when an all-new roof is out. Topps Seal is an Energy Star Partner and Miami Dade approved. Elongation is 900 percent. Tensile strength is 1500 psi. It is highly solar reflective in white. For more information, call 800-867-7177 or visit


Base and Top Coats • National Coatings

AcryShield Quick Set roof coating products are specifically formulated to resist early wash-off associated with light rain and heavy dew. When these weather conditions are forecast, these Quick Set coatings deliver contractors peace of mind and a solution. These base coats and top coats can be applied on virtually any roofing substrate creating a leak-free, watertight membrane with lower material costs and a faster project completion time. For more information, call 800-423-9557 or visit


Fluid Applied Systems • Thermo Materials

Thermo Materials provides waterproofing and energy-efficient roof solutions for commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. It uses only the highest-quality components to manufacture high-performance, time-tested systems and products for waterproofing walls and roofs. Every building is unique, and Thermo Materials provides a variety of reflective, fluid-applied systems that are customized to meet specific needs. The company works with the building owner, consultant, specifier and contractor to evaluate system requirements and offer support during the process. For more information, visit


Acrylic Coatings • Carlisle SynTec

Carlisle SynTec Systems’ X-Tenda Coat™ acrylic coatings are water-based, high solids elastomeric coatings that utilize the latest advances in acrylic technology. White X-Tenda Coat provides building owners with a highly reflective, dependable and aesthetically pleasing rooftop. In addition, this product can help save on air conditioning costs due to its high solar reflectance, and it is designed to meet Title 24, ENERGY STAR and LEED requirements. It can be used as a finish and base coat over EPDM and aged TPO, as well as a finish coat over PVC, metal, smooth BUR, APP and SBS roof systems. For more information, visit


Elastomeric Coatings • Johns Manville

TopGard® 4000 and TopGard(R) 5000 are 100-percent acrylic, reflective, energy saving, elastomeric roof coatings for use on smooth or mineral-surfaced bituminous systems and EPDM membranes. Their unique bleed-blocking properties make them particularly well suited for coating black surfaces to reduce energy and prolong the life of the roof. For more information, visit


Heat Reflective Coating • Nutech Paint

Developed for Australia’s harsh weather and environmental conditions, NXT Cool Zone® is a heat-reflecting roof coating that utilizes revolutionary, new Thermal Protection Technology developed by Nutech Paint to reduce the temperature inside buildings in hot weather. Now available throughout the United States, this product is available in a full color range, so that building owners can reduce the heat of their roof and live more comfortably without sacrificing color choice. This water-based roof coating saves energy and cooling costs, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, is ultra-low in VOCs, and is APEO and ammonia free for a healthier environment. For more information, visit


Elastomeric Membrane • GAF

TOPCOAT® Elastomeric Roofing Membrane is a water-based, spray-applied liquid, which cures to form a seamless, 100-percent acrylic, elastomeric membrane specially designed to seal the entire roof. It is an ENERGY STAR-qualified, reflective product that will help to reduce building temperatures. TOPCOAT is listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council for solar reflectance and thermal emittance. It offers high tensile strength and elongation, and it is virtually undamaged by extended exposure to solar ultraviolet energy. It is low in VOC, non-flammable, and presents minimal hazard to the applicator and the environment. It is available in white (for maximum reflectivity) and 15 standard colors. Custom tinting is available. For more information, visit


Polymeric Roof Coating • THE Garland COMPANY

 Pyramic® white, polymeric roof coating offers exceptional reflectivity and protects asphaltic or modified bitumen surfaces. Its white finish contains UVblocking pigments, lowering surface temperatures and reducing energy costs. Pyramic is also formulated to provide a superior fire-retardant surface. For more information, call 8003219336 or visit