The AIM Group, Port Chester, N.Y., announced that it has been licensed by DaimlerChrysler to introduce a new line of wheelbarrows under the Jeep brand. Among the many innovations, the Jeep Wheelbarrow features a patented locking disk brake and steel handles. A key features of the braking system is a lock that allows the wheelbarrow to be parked on inclines or stopped precisely for accurate dumping. Distinctive, 16-gauge steel handles, powder-coated in yellow, are more durable and won’t rot or splinter. The wheels have a heavier bushing that resists silica fouling from concrete and the damaging effects of workers slamming wheelbarrow down. Other innovative features include: a heavy-duty 1.5-milimeter powder-coated, wrinkle-free, steel tub; extra long 62-inch handles for better leverage and more walk-behind room; durable mat-finished handle grips to insulate and cushion hands, even at extreme temperature ranges; a factory-installed disk and brake caliper for quick assembly; and heavy-duty axle brackets that raise the front-end up for more clearance from brush.