Asphalt Cements and Coatings

Mule-Hide Products Co. enhancing its entire line of asphalt cements and coatings, including adding a new premium modified flashing cement and introducing its quick-dry asphalt flashing primer in a convenient aerosol spray. The new MH No. 241 is an easy to apply premium-flashing cement. Appropriate for use with SBS modified membranes, it can be used as a night sealer or as an adhesive on vertical surfaces. It also can be used for topical flashing details or repairs in APP modified bitumen roof applications. SBS modifiers ensure long-lasting performance without cracking. For years, contractors have used MH No. 121 asphalt primer “from the pail” as a general priming coat before applying built-up roofing, waterproofing and other asphalt coatings to smooth surface roofs, concrete, cinder block, brick and metal surfaces. Now that same primer is available in a spray version with an anti-clog nozzle, making application faster and easier. For more information

Concrete Tile Roof System

Exemplifying its commitment to the building industry,MonierLifetilehas expanded its line of roof system components that improve installation, durability, and increase energy efficiency. MonierLifetile offers a wide range of concrete roof tile options that when installed with the full complement of roof system components creates an energy-efficient, high performing and long lasting roof that will meet or exceed regional performance requirements throughout the United States. The Roof System Components available to enhance the performance of a MonierLifetile roof includes Tile Seal, which provides a watertight seal in an advanced self-adhesive underlayment. For more information

Brochure on Sustainability

DECRA Roofing Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of stone coated steel roofing products, furthers their commitment to the environment with the introduction of a new brochure on sustainability. The new brochure features extensive information about DECRA’s commitment to sustainable building practices and how stone coated steel roofing can positively interact with the environment. Covering the sustainable benefits of a stone coated steel roof, the brochure features an example of environmentally managing existing roofing materials. Other topics discussed include durability, the recycled content of steel, effects of the product on drinking water, and a synopsis of a study conducted by Oak Ridge National Labs detailing the benefits of installing stone coated steel on a batten system. DECRA stone coated metal roofing panels will not crack, burn, curl, split or rot. With the highest ratings in the industry - Class A fire rated material, Class 4 impact resistance - DECRA panels have a transferable 50-year limited warranty and a 120 mph wind warranty. For more information .

New Sealant Packaging Design

Chem Linkpresents a newly designed packaging system for its line of high-performance, environmentally friendly sealants. The new cutaway cartons replace the boxes that held the 24 packs of 10.1-ounce cartridges. The top portion of the cartons can be quickly removed for display on shelves or racks, allowing easy removal of tubes. Colorful new graphics highlight the sealants’ uses and the company’s “Contractor Driven Promise.” The new packaging is designed to provide better availability and information at the point of purchase. Look for the new cutaway sealant cartons at distributor locations in your area. For more information on Chem Link products or to find area reps

Authentic Tools Versa-Bender

Bending metal on the job site just got easier withAuthentic Tools Versa-Bender. Authentic Tool’s single station Versa-Bender fabricates metal and flashing such as counter flashing, saddles, fascia, tile pans, and metal panels on the job site and quickly adjusts to the desired bending depth 5/8 inches to 7 inches. It bends metal straight or angled bends on a curve in various directions up to 90 degrees and can handle 24-guage steel, 040 aluminum, copper, zinc and painted metals. Its exclusive five-point adjustable handle and handle on the roller shaft for more leverage and less fatigue. The tool also features extra roller bearings on the faceplate keeps the metal in place while bending. The Versa-Bender also has foam grips on the shafts for comfort while making small bends. For more information

Pressure-Treated Wood Shingles

LifePinepressure-treated wood shingles provide natural beauty with lifelong durability. LifePine shingles have emerged as the superior choice by architects, developers and homeowners. With a 50-year limited warranty against fungal decay, rot and termite attack, you can be assured of a quality wood product. LifePine has been protected to last for decades and will never require re-treatment. Unlike other wood species such as cedar and cypress, LifePine is made of southern pine, one of America’s truly renewable resources, so no old growth forests are endangered. No simulated wood product can provide the natural beauty and architectural grace of an authentic wood shingle. And over time, the product turns from its original golden brown color to impressive driftwood grey. For more information,

Metric Starter Shingle

CertainTeed Corporationintroduces Swiftstart, a metric starter shingle designed to help roofing contractors speed job installations and improve profitability. The new starter shingle is available for use with the popular Landmark TL, Landmark TL Impact Resistant and Landmark Premium luxury shingles. Rather than taking the time to cut expensive field shingles, contractors are able to finish jobs faster using Swiftstart pre-cut starter strip shingles. Swiftstart exceeds the minimum 2-inch headlap requirement for metric shingles and also features precision sealant for proper sealing at the eaves. No cutting also means less waste and reduced job cleanup time. Swiftstart conforms to ASTM D3462, ASTM D3018, ASTM E108 and ASTM D3161-99a. It is available in 18-piece bundles that cover 116 linear feet. For more information,

Lift System

The patented PowerPole Man & Material Lift System byReechcraft Manufacturingis powering wall access in a way not seen before. PowerPole’s design incorporates the best features and attributes of four common options and combines them into one affordable product that guarantees an immediate 25 percent increase in wall access related productivity. The PowerPole is a portable man and material lift system that combines the power of a telehandler; the set up speed of a ladder and jack; the efficient single pole design of the pump jack; and the adaptability of conventional scaffolding. For more information

Proportioning System

Graco’s line of Reactor E-Series proportioners has been improved with advanced technology upgrades. The upgrade, based on our hydraulic-driven Reactors, completes the new alignment of the Reactor line, including air, electric and hydraulic units. Upgrades to the Reactor electric proportioning system include: hybrid heaters, new circulation valves with longer-lasting seals, a temperature control board that allows easy component change-outs, and an upgraded heat transformer that does not require tap settings. The Reactor E-Series also includes an improved hose heat circuit breaker module that eliminates the need for an in-rush limiter. The Graco Reactor E-Series line is ideal for polyurethane foam and polyurea applications. For more information

All-Steel Knockdown Wheelbarrow

It’s a new All-Steel Knockdown Wheelbarrow fromRoofmaster, who has been at the forefront of manufacturing roofing production equipment for over 56 years. Product innovations and continual improvements in product design over the years, based on contractor input, have made Roofmaster equipment the high industry standard it is today. Roofmaster’s quality manufactured products are all made in the USA and are available from Coast-to-Coast. Heavy-Duty wheelbarrows have been used in the industry for many years. Shipping economically has always been an issue for the pre-assembled wheelbarrows. Roofmaster has redesigned their all-steel industry workhorse into a knockdown version that will be very economical to ship. Up to 12 wheelbarrows can be combined on two pallets. Previously that many wheelbarrows could take up one-third of a truck. In the new design, the superior structural integrity of the all-steel frame design has not been sacrificed. It still remains the strongest wheelbarrow in the roofing industry and will take many years of abuse! Roofmaster offers their single or double-wheel versions with pneumatic or their new Non-Flat Lite (flatproof) tires. For more information