A sampling of the latest products for the roofing industry.

Hitachi Power Toolsoffers theNR90GC gas nailer,which drives up to two nails per second and 1,000 nails per hour. Well-balanced and lightweight, the NR90GC offers a cordless alternative to pneumatic tools. The battery recharges in only 1 hour. For more information, visitwww.hitachipowertools.com.

DBI/SALA & Protecta introduce Evolution, a new generation in horizontal lifelines. The Evolution horizontal lifeline is comprised of a cable that serves as assurance support, intermediate parts supporting the cable, end parts with energy absorbers, and post-type interface parts. The company has developed a varied and extended range of curves, intermediate and end brackets, enabling the lifeline to be installed on any type of structure while accurately following the lines of the building. Evolution is equipped with a shuttle, which allows movement along the lifeline without needing to disconnect, making it possible to pass the intermediate points automatically. For more information, visit www.dbisala.com.

US Tile Company offers ProShake Plus, a progressive, lightweight clay tile designed specifically for, but not limited to, reroofing residential structures originally constructed with wood shake. Produced using only the finest clays and kiln-fired at temperatures reaching 1,900 degrees Fahrenheit, ProShake Plus is a durable and lightweight roof tile designed to provide lasting protection against the elements with all the beauty of real cedar shake. Gases introduced into the kiln at critical points in the firing process provide the tiles with stunning shades of color that are guaranteed not to fade. The product is available in two styles, Madera Shake and Weathered Cedar. ProShake Plus clay tiles are fire-resistant and carry a Class A fire rating. For additional information, visit www.ustile.com.

EMSEAL offers its MIGUTAN expansion joint system for watertight sealing in a variety of commercial construction applications. MIGUTAN is ideal for applications over occupied space, where totally watertight integration of expansion joint and deck membrane is a fundamental requirement, as in split-slab construction on plaza decks. MIGUTAN consists of heavy-duty retainer rails, synthetic rubber side flashing sheets, a thermoplastic rubber sealing insert and stainless steel retainer caps. These components are designed to ensure watertightness through virtually any type of transition and termination, and the retainer caps allow for long-term maintenance access. The product is available in leg heights from 1 inch (25 mm) to 12 inches (400 mm). For more information, call 800-526-8365 or visit www.emseal.com.

The RotoZip by Bosch is a cordless RZ18V 18-volt RotoZip Spiral Saw. Offering the same power and speed as its corded counterparts, the newest addition offers complete RotoZip attachment and accessory compatibility for all types of applications. The 4.9-pound RZ18V boasts an impressive 30,000 rpm. The tool utilizes the newest Bosch battery technology, the 2.4 amp, 18-volt BLUECORE battery pack, which is designed to offer 50-percent longer life than previous Bosch batteries. For more information, visit www.rotozip.com.

A new heavy-duty infrared spot heater from SunStar Heating Products that doesn't use electricity has been introduced for hard-to-heat areas such as construction sites, unheated work areas, areas requiring supplemental heat such as large buildings, workshops or partially open buildings. The compact, cylinder-shaped SunStar RCH Series spot heaters provide exceptional on-the-job versatility and include features for economy, durability and long life. Each of the four models can comfortably heat an enclosed area of up to 2,500 square feet without using fans or moving parts common with many other spot heaters. Available in propane gas or natural gas, the spot heaters are rated at 95,000 Btuh for propane gas models or at 100,000 Btuh for natural gas models. For more information, visit www.sunstarheaters.com.