AGAWAM, Mass. — To extend the season for using OlyBond500 Canister Adhesives, OMG Roofing Products now offers Powerblanket® foam box heaters.

Insulated Powerblanket foam box heaters are designed to provide uniform heat to minimize waste with temperature-sensitive insulation adhesives such as OlyBond500 during cold temperature applications. Powerblankets operate on standard 120 V currents and come with a six-foot cord. Each black vinyl foam blanket is 16-inches square, heats 2.37 cubic feet of space and accommodates one carton containing an OlyBond500 Canister.

“It’s important that the canisters are stored and the adhesive is dispensed at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit,” said Jim Lavallee, OlyBond product manager for OMG Roofing Products. “This ensures that there’s adequate pressure in the tanks and that the viscosity of each part is maintained to keep the final mixture on-ratio. The Powerblankets do a great job in keeping OlyBond Canisters at the appropriate temperature for dispensing.”  

OlyBond Canisters inside Powerblankets foam boxes easily fit into the OMG BeadPro Cart, as well as into wagons, wheelbarrows or other similar carts that can be easily moved around on the roof.

For additional information, contact your local OMG field service representative, visit or call 800-633-3800.