OlyBond500, the industry’s most popular two-part roofing adhesive, is now available in pressurized canisters. The OlyBond500 canisters come with all of the same approval ratings as the original OlyBond500, and can be used for securing both insulation and fleece backed membrane.

OlyBond500 canisters are easy-to-use and do not require any specialized equipment or rooftop power. Each set comes with a 25-ft. (8 m) application hose, gun assembly, six mix tips, three extension tubes as well as a disposable wrench for securing the hoses to the canisters. The unique applicator “gun” includes a locking trigger designed to prevent accidental adhesive discharges on the roof. The 17-inch long extension tubes enable contractors to stand upright during application for better ergonomics and less fatigue.

When compared to other canister based low-rise foaming adhesives, OlyBond500 canisters can provide up to 20 percent more coverage and up to 35 squares per set, depending on the conditions and insulation used. OlyBond500 Canisters are designed for use in temperatures of 40°F to 100°F (4°C to 38°C), and with 4-ft. x 4-ft. (maximum) insulation boards.

In addition, OlyBond500 canisters enable users to spatter the adhesive for use with fleece backed membranes. Spattering provides a better looking roof and can reduce membrane installation time for improved productivity.

OlyBond is a fast-acting, two-component, low-rise polyurethane foam adhesive designed to adhere most insulation types to a wide selection of common roof decks and substrates. OlyBond500 can be used in both new and re-roofing applications, including jobs that require multiple insulation layers. The Adhesive is applied in pre-foamed beads that quickly rise to approximately 1-inch above the substrate. The board is then laid into the adhesive and walked into place. A chemical cure takes place within a few minutes after application.

For more information, www.OMGRoofing.com.