Contractors are constantly juggling an endless list of tasks: managing inventory, keeping track of timelines, scheduling team members and so much more. However, making sure their customers are satisfied should always be the top priority. After all, there wouldn’t be any projects to work on without those clients. 

In honor of National Customer Service Week happening Oct. 7­­-11, ABC Supply is sharing five tips to help contractors and their teams deliver exceptional customer service and, ultimately, grow their businesses. 

1. Keep an Open Mind

As a contractor, you and your crew have completed lots of jobs and have plenty of expertise, but you still need to work with your customers’ ideas. From TV programs to social media, homeowners today have tons of resources for inspiration. Being open to their suggestions can lead to more collaboration and trust.

2. Take Time to Inform Your Customers

Your clients are often asking tough questions, such as whether the project can be completed sooner or cheaper. When answering these questions, it’s important to take the time to explain the reasoning behind your actions. Inform your customers of everything that goes into the project. Walk them through each step of the timeline and show them material samples or visual renderings through programs like Pictureit so they can gain a thorough understanding of everything that needs to happen to complete the job.

 3. Give Customers More Options to Fund the Project

When the client has difficulty with the affordability of the job, it can feel like you’re not providing good customer service. By providing financing, you can help clients afford bigger projects than their initial budgets may allow. If your company cannot offer financing for customers, consider seeing if your supplier can. For example, through its Freedom Programs, ABC Supply offers Green Sky® in-home financing. Your customers will be happy because they can achieve their dream homes, and they’ll likely remember you for future projects because they may not have financing options with other contractors.

4. Express Gratitude

Get in the habit of saying thank you. Sending a quick thank-you note after meetings with potential customers takes just a few minutes, but it demonstrates how committed you are to good service. At the end of a job, send a gift to the customer to celebrate. It doesn’t have to be very expensive — a gift card to an area restaurant or a bottle of wine doesn’t cost much, but it goes a long way in showing your appreciation for their business. 

5. Ask for Feedback and Follow Up on Complaints

Hopefully, you’re always providing top-notch customer service, but how do you know for sure if you don’t ask? Seeking feedback can be as simple as placing a phone call or encouraging clients to leave a review on your company’s website or Facebook page. If a customer does have a complaint or leaves a negative review, don’t ignore it. Show you genuinely care by considering their feedback, and let them know how you will make their next experience better.

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