We received word from business consultant and Roofing Contractor contributor Monroe Porter of Proof Management Consultants of the passing of our mutual friend, Mike Mehrer. Mike, some of our readers will recall, was a regular contributor himself during his tenure as a marketing executive with CertainTeed Corp. He cared about his work and was a solid champion for roofing contractors. His work centered on raising the level of roofing sales by educating roofing contractors in solid and proven business techniques.

And he listened. He learned from successful contractors and made it his practice to share the good things that he learned along the way. His no-nonsense approach to his work and to the people he dealt with was refreshing. Mike retired several years ago and has been missed ever since. He took his retirement seriously, moving out West where he enjoyed good weather and great fishing.

 Indicative of the kind of person Mike was, his last correspondence with me was a very uplifting e-mail. An e-mail sent as he was struggling against the disease that ultimately took his life. His work left many roofing contractors better off for having passed his way, and while I am not a roofing contractor, I consider that knowing Mike was a blessing in my life as well.