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Build a Profitable Service Department

Best of Success Seminar: Christian Madsen and Chuck Chapman

 Do the math: If 15 percent of leak calls result in follow-up maintenance and the average maintenance ticket is $2,000 with a profit of $1,000 per job, then 500 leak calls result in 75 jobs — and $75,000 in profits.  

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Develop the Magic Touch

Best of Success Seminar: Steve Little

 Steve Little, president of KPost Company in Dallas, shared the successful strategies his company uses in a session titled “Implementing Your Company Culture for Maximum Results.”  

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Connect With Today’s Customers

Best of Success Seminar: Ken Kelly

 Ken Kelly is president of Kelly Roofing in Naples, Fla. He’s also a Wing Commander with Angel Flights Southeast, and he coordinates and flies missions to help people in need of emergency medical assistance.  

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Keep Up With OSHA Regulations

Best of Success: Eric Harbin

 Governmental regulations and their enforcement are always a key concern for roofing contractors, and the rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) were in the news a lot this year, as OSHA issued new residential fall protection enforcement guidelines.  

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Stop Deflating Your Business

Best of Success Seminar: Monroe Porter

 Business consultant and Roofing Contractor columnist Monroe Porter led off the 2011 Best of Success Conference with a spirited session titled “Stop Deflating and Inflating Your Business.”  

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