An engagement three years ago to Kristopher Wagner, the owner of Pride Roofing and Construction, not only led Silvana Wagner to a happy marriage, but to a career where she can truly shine.

Backed by a solid business model and a company that puts ethics and quality first, Wagner wants to not only inspire growth in Pride Roofing, but the industry as a whole, encouraging other women to enter the roofing industry.

RC: When and how did you get your start in roofing?  

SW: My start in the roofing business came about when Kris and I got engaged about three years ago. I left my home in Florida, where I had worked for a number of years in the media industry (Univision Spanish Television Station) and headed west. Kris taught me everything from A to Z when it came to my roofing knowledge, specifically in the invoicing and accounts receivable department. I learned how to invoice, how to "speak insurance"; how to provide quality customer service to our clients; how to help our clients navigate the insurance claim water; and how to accurately and ethically increase insurance claim payouts for all of the top-notch work that was being provided.

RC: What do you like about the roofing business now?   

SW:  I entered into the role of business development, and although I really enjoyed working in accounts receivable, here is where I truly flourish. This position has afforded me the opportunity to truly connect with our local community. Whether it’s my involvement in the various chambers we belong to, volunteering with several nonprofit organizations we support, or going to networking events, it seems like there’s just never a dull moment. I’ve been fortunate enough to meet several other like-minded individuals, while working in this role, and those relationships are priceless.

It’s an absolute joy to be able to "tell the world," in a sense, how great it is to work for Pride Roofing and to get to brag a little bit about what the company has been able to accomplish in such a short amount of time under Kristopher’s leadership. I love to talk about the quality work we provide to our clients, the incredible culture that Pride Roofing provides to its employees, and best of all, the philanthropic endeavors that Pride Roofing chooses to continuously support.

RC: Why do you believe you’ve been successful in such a short time?    

SW: God first. In all things. Giving the credit to the Lord and recognizing that it’s by God’s grace we are here today. Being grateful for the good and the bad because it will only perpetuate growth.

Giving back. Whether it’s donating to organizations in need like food banks, children’s organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, front-line health care workers, first responders, veterans, or donating to Habitat for humanity – all the good that you put out there will make a difference, whether you’re touching many or just one individual. It’s worth it.

Re-invest within. I’ve never worked for an organization that gives more to its employees. From pay structures to continuing education, to hands-on learning, to daily mentorship, to exceptional attire, to camaraderie days, and the list goes on. Pride Roofing has created employment roles for all kinds of support staff, whose sole purpose is to assist Pride employees, so they can be the best they can be. The brotherhood and sisterhood that we get to enjoy at Pride Roofing has sincerely transformed into a family atmosphere.

RC: How has your company changed over the past year and is technology helping?   

SW: Tech. Tech. Tech. If it creates efficiency, then Pride is implementing it! There seems to be no end to technological advances in all fields, but the tech that’s being developed in the construction and the roofing business has exponentially helped create more time and opportunity. Pride Roofing has implemented apps, technological resources, and programs that help the individual employee become a better, more efficient roofer. We use systems that help us communicate within the organization and with our clients. There seems to be no end to technological enhancements and that’s a good thing.

RC: Do you see generational differences within your own company and is that a challenge?   

SW: It’s a mixed bag. You cannot put a price on experience, and that is something most often found in our older and more mature employees. Young guys and gals bring the fire and the energy, although they’ll naturally lack the know-how. What’s wonderful is that Pride Roofing recognizes these pros and cons and as Kris loves to say, “We have to put round pegs in round holes and square pegs in square ones. Just because someone doesn’t excel in a certain role doesn’t mean you give them the boot. You just have to find them a different seat on the bus.” With the mentorship and apprenticeship programs at Pride Roofing you really get to see how putting people in the right spot will not only benefit the company, but grow the individual.

RC: What are your future plans?   

SW: I know that Kris has big plans for Pride Roofing. I know that expansion is on the horizon into other states as well as more commercial development. Personally, I want to inspire other women to jump, head-first, into the roofing and construction business. The need for women in this business is there and the opportunities are endless!