The Davis Memorial Foundation, operated under the auspices of the Western States Roofing Contractors Association, announced 10 students who will be sharing a $50,000 grant for the 2024-25 academic year.

According to a June 18 news release, these scholarships support the next generation of students and aspiring professionals by rewarding superior academic performance and assisting students with financial needs. Since 1997, the Davis Memorial Foundation has awarded more than $800,000 through 180-plus scholarships.

The scholarship awards are made possible through funds established by our generous sponsors and fundraising events.

Alexander Rasmussen (pictured).

“Gratitude is a powerful catalyst for a better life," and I’m extremely grateful and humbled to have been selected. Thank you for investing in me." 

— Alexander Rasmusen

Ava Bernard (pictured).

"Thank you so much for this opportunity! I appreciate it so much. Thank you to everyone who helped me get to where I am today. Especially to my Dad, thank you for being my biggest supporter!” 

— Ava Bernard

David Reuter (pictured)

“I would like to thank everyone involved in the Davis Memorial Foundation for honoring me with this scholarship. I am humbled by this opportunity and will put this scholarship to good use as I seek a degree in civil engineering.”

— David Reuter

Elijah Duke (pictured).

"I am deeply grateful for your support and belief in my academic journey. Your generosity through the Davis Memorial Scholarship will provide much-needed financial assistance and will also solidify my sense of purpose and motivation to continue my pursuits. With your encouragement, I am inspired to make not only my dreams a reality but also change the lives of those whom I will inevitably come across. I will make the most out of this incredible opportunity. Thank you for your invaluable contribution to my education and future success."

— Elijah Duke

Marysue Hauser (pictured).

"I am so grateful to be awarded this scholarship and am so excited for the opportunities that are possible because of this award."

— Marysue Hauser

Maura Mulligan (pictured).

“I am so honored to be receiving this scholarship. It means even more that this scholarship is awarded to family members of people affiliated with the roofing industry, as this industry has become an extended family to my parents.”

— Maura Mulligan

Niklas Choate (pictured).

"Strength does not make one capable of rule; it makes one capable of service." Brandon Sanderson

— Niklas Choate

Valeria Lopez (pictured).

"God works in mysterious ways."

— Valeria Lopez

Zach Klein (pictured).

“I'm incredibly honored to be a recipient of this scholarship. Thank you for this opportunity and [for] investing in my future in Construction Management.”

— Zachary Klein

Zuleima Flores (pictured).

"I would like to thank the Davis Memorial Foundation for awarding me this scholarship. They have planted a seed in me to continue pursuing my dream. I hope to be able to start my roofing company one day and look back to thank you all for believing in me."

— Zuleima Flores

Now in its 28th year of supporting higher education, The Davis Memorial Foundation was established in memory of Larry and Mary Davis. Larry was an integral part of the roofing industry for many years, serving on several roofing industry association boards, including the RCA of California and the Western States Roofing Contractors Association.

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