Barely a month into the 2024 storm season, roofing contractors are already hard at work as severe weather struck early and often across much of the Great Plains, Midwest and Southeast. Minnesota is no stranger to wild springtime weather following wicked winters, and the team at Built Strong Exteriors is already driving a process that has resulted in multi-million dollar returns on insurance overage approvals over the past few years. 

RC recently caught up with Michele Meier, Built Strong’s project analyst director, and Rachel Markley, the company’s leading sales producer, to learn more about how they do it and the other added benefit of solidifying relationships with homeowners for years to come.

Markley developed a system that alone delivered an additional $3.2 million in insurance approvals for the company last year, making her the most productive rep. on staff. Both said it requires a certain degree of organization and commitment but can be replicated by other roofers with the right attitude. 

“It’s about offering the ‘silver platter,’” Meier said. “You need to have the supplement in order: all the documents; all the building codes; all the tech bulletins (together) so you can just hand it off to the adjuster and they don’t have to search for anything. Don’t give them a reason to say ‘no’ is the way we try to go about it.”

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