Roofing contractors belonging to the Montana Roofing Association [MRA] know the value the next generation can bring to the industry, as shown by electing two motivated professionals as its first-ever female president and vice president.

In this video, meet Morgan Thiel and Rachel Hoover, president and vice president of the MRA. The duo stopped by the Roofing Contractor booth during the 2024 International Roofing Expo to talk about their journeys into roofing and their initiatives for leading the association in the coming year.

“We've been trying to grow a little bit, reach more contractors. That's kind of our goal this year is to grow a little bit more, improve communications, really serve the area that we're trying to work with,” Thiel said.

As women in the industry, they know they are among the minority, and share their ideas on how to bring more women into roofing.

“There's something to be said about communicating, especially with younger people and explaining there's so much potential in construction and in roofing, especially for young women. I just think getting into schools and providing opportunities – I’d love to see more of that,” Hoover said.

Learn more about what the MRA is doing to encourage women, other minority groups and the next generation in the full video here, or download the interview from our podcast page to listen on the go.

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