Roofing in colder weather poses additional safety and installation concerns for roofing contractors determined to push through and extend the ‘season.’ Making sure they’re taking care of their materials during those same colder, even wintry-like conditions is paramount to profitability. 

Along with following manufacturer instructions and recommendations, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) offers roofers the following steps to maintain efficient and effective installation in colder conditions. 

Storing Outdoors

Even in peak roofing season, materials used on the rooftop must be stored in dry and clean conditions. It takes on a different meaning in winter. When roofing materials need to be stored outdoors, they should be placed on raised platforms off the ground or roof deck. Breathable, water-resistant coverings (such as canvas) are best and need to be properly secured. 

Warmup Time

While roofing in cold weather conditions, roofing contracts must take extra care to ensure roofing materials are warm enough to be installed at the proper time. This may include keeping materials in heated storage as long as necessary prior to use to avoid damage during installation.

On a Roll

All rolled roofing materials should be stored on an end. Rolls with a selvage edge should be stored with the selvage edge facing up to prevent damage. ARMA recommends single-stacking of roll materials is recommended and reminds roofers to never throw or drop materials rolls in the storage/transport process.

Staying Insulated 

Roof insulation materials should be handled with care and stored in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Some insulation materials are extremely light and should be weighted and/or secured to avoid damage initiated by the wind that accompanies winter in most regions.

Don’t Overload

Winter conditions can also change how roofing materials need to be delivered and loaded onto job sites. Overloading the deck can cause deflection, ponding, and even roof collapse. Roofing contractors must consider the potential for material stockpiles to help snow buildup and weight-load on the deck.

Planning carefully for roofing in winter weather can greatly improve outcomes for roofers and their customers. Visit the ARMA website for more information on how to help your roofing business.