The growing Latino workforce in roofing is playing a crucial part in the industry’s ability to keep up with high demand, despite economic uncertainty. Amparo Sancen, owner and founder of Sancen Contracting based in Richardson, Texas, is on a mission to empower them so that they can make the most of their opportunities. 

Roughly 18 months ago, she established Latinos En Roofing as an educational and networking lifeline for Latino roofers seeking to improve their skills, business acumen and overall level of success. RC Publisher Jill Bloom recently caught up with her and Jackie Sancen, marketing coordinator for Latinos En Roofing, to talk about the organziation’s explosive growth and exciting lineup of upcoming events 

“We’re growing really fast, and implementing more activities like monthly training that we’re going to have now twice a month, and we are working on webinars,” Amparo Sancen said. “Every time we have an event (the contractors) want more knowledge and the community is still growing.”

Watch the full video here.