National Women in Roofing is seeking a new executive director to help lead the organization as it ramps up efforts to achieve record membership and create new resources that help empower women in the roofing industry.

In a job post that went live Sept. 19, the organization states it is seeking someone who will “lead and advance NWiR’s mission and growth” as the organization transitions from a start-up into a fully-established association, which currently includes about 2,500 members.

“Like a good book, the early chapters of NWiR have been quite a journey and the anticipation is building as we turn the page to this next chapter,” said Jennifer Keegan, chair of NWiR. “NWiR is transitioning from our foundational years to a dynamic association with so many initiatives led by our passionate volunteer board members, which means that we are ready for a full-time executive director — the search is on!”

According to the job post, NWiR is seeking a candidate who possesses strong financial and business acumen, organizational management and leadership skills and interpersonal and communication skills. The position is remote.

Ellen Thorp, the current executive director, will be stepping down from the position as of this year to spend more time with her children and take on new projects. She said she looks forward to being a member of NWiR and continuing to help empower women.

“It has been a wonderful seven-and-a-half years with National Women in Roofing from when we first launched membership in June of 2016,” Thorp said. “I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with such wonderful members, sponsors, and the amazing volunteer leaders who brought NWiR to where it is today … I’m supportive of the defined goals for 2024 and will always be cheering for the association and the volunteer leaders.”

As it approaches its 10-year anniversary, NWiR aims to increase its membership to 4,500 by its annual NWiR Day in 2027. Members include women in roofing, male allies, affiliates, students interested in construction and companies that employ these types of people.

In addition to increased membership, other initiatives the executive director will help achieve include: forming an alliance with a college or university to create a Master Class Program; enhancing sponsor engagement; developing a merch store; and creating special interest groups focused on aspects like sales or marketing. For instance, the organization has formed a Spanish-speaking group for those members whose native language is Spanish.

“We've laid the foundation for women to not only grow but to thrive,” said Anna Anderson, vice chair of NWiR. “Our commitment is to broaden this opportunity, extending its reach to encompass new avenues for women and our invaluable allies. Together, we shall fortify the pillars of Networking, Mentoring, Education, and Recruitment, ensuring that strength and inclusivity remain at the core of our journey.”

NWiR recently announced its REAL Roofing program, which is a comprehensive initiative focused on diversity, equity and inclusion within the roofing industry. The organization aims to evaluate in-person training and certification options in the next year.

Interested applicants have until Oct. 18 to submit their information. Click here for more details.