Omnia Exterior Solutions, a newly formed portfolio company of CCMP Growth Advisors, LP [CCMP], announced a new partnership with Brothers Services Company, a roofing and remodeling company located in Baltimore, Md. This will be the second company added to Omnia Exterior Solutions’ portfolio, which launched in June 2023 with a partnership with Hoffman Weber in Minneapolis. 

“We are proud to partner with Brothers Services, one of the most established and well-respected remodeling companies on the East Coast,” said Jim Ziminski, chairman of the Board at Omnia Exterior Solutions. “Baltimore is a hotbed of remodeling, and for Brothers Services to be at the forefront of that for over 35 years, says something about the success of their leadership and company culture. John Martindale has always believed in the value and importance of not just doing quality work but also connecting in a meaningful way with customers. The result is a company that has absolutely the best-in-class customer service and a customer experience that is second to none.”

Omnia Exterior Solutions is a national provider of residential roofing solutions and exterior remodeling services. Its goal is to provide partner companies like Brothers with resources, administrative support, digital tools and more to help grow their businesses and keep up with changing technology. Martindale, CEO of Brothers Services, said partnering with Omnia Exterior Solutions will "greatly benefit our customers and employees moving into the future,”

“This partnership positively positions our 37-year-old company for its next phase. This model includes best-in-class companies who can collaborate together, while soaring on their own," said Martindale. "Our employees will have exposure to peer relationships with member companies and learn while helping others. This aligns with one of our core values of continuous learning, being curious, and together driving improvement across all companies. Our customers will also benefit from this partnership with Omnia Exterior Solutions, ensuring that Brothers Services continues to thrive and grow in a changing industry.”

Omnia Exterior Solutions was created to address a gap in the residential roofing industry and consists of exclusive partners who are local and regional leaders in their respective markets. Omnia was formed by CCMP, known for its legacy investment in leading brands such as Hayward and Generac, and industry veteran Ziminski, formerly with the Crane Group, managing their residential roofing brands ABLE and Mr. Roof, as well as the Exterior Portfolio® siding brand, which he successfully sold to Westlake Royal Building Products.

“Very early in our discussions with Omnia Exterior Solutions, it was obvious that our business goals and ambitions were aligned,” said Dave MacLean, executive vice president for Brothers Services. “More importantly, our values and commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences are in lockstep. We’re proud of what the Brothers Services team has accomplished, and this partnership is a testament to our employees’ hard work and dedication.” 

Brothers Services is one of the most established roofing and remodeling companies on the East Coast with more than 35 years in business. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, they offer everything from large exterior jobs like roof and siding replacements to interior projects such as kitchen and bathroom remodels, and all the smaller projects in between. Two years ago Brothers Services introduced a more affordable bathroom remodel option, One Day Bath, increasing accessibility to more homeowners who desire a bathroom renovation. 

According to a release, in 1985, Brothers Roofing Company established itself with a handful of employees and a founder who built a reputation for engaging with homeowners. By the early '90s, a singular crew expanded to 50 employees and Brothers became a household name in Maryland. In 2000, the company rebranded to Brothers Roofing and Exteriors to reflect its addition of several exterior products including siding, gutters, windows and doors. Recognizing its reputation for superior customer service provided to tens of thousands of satisfied Maryland homeowners, in 2005 Brothers rebranded once more to become Brothers Services Company, officially making “Service” its middle name.