Two veteran roofing entrepreneurs with a new way of doing business are teaming up for a three-day event designed to help roofing contractors grow. Head coaches Jen Silver, president of Roofing Utah, and roofing entrepreneur Graham Dessert will host the first Business DNA Pro workshop Aug. 9-11 in San Diego. 

Seasoned roofing contractors from around the country will experience an educational opportunity geared toward those looking to take their company to the next level, but aren’t quite sure where to start, organizers said.

"This is for the contractor that wants to grow but doesn't know how; the contractor who has plateaued; or the contractor that wants to sell in the near future,” said Dessert, founder of Leaders Next Door.

He and Silver will take roofers on a three-day intensive dive deep into the DNA of their businesses and help develop a detailed three-year plan for sustainable and intentional growth. They will help identify possible upcoming challenges and how to navigate those with the confidence needed to grow in these ever-changing times.

Some of the key takeaways will be learning how to calculate market share, develop a long-term vision for the company, and develop short - and long-term plans for all revenue streams. Other areas covered include:

Attendees will also have access to other leading industry experts to help with proper marketing budgets for targeted growth, asset management, tax strategy, and navigating the private equity influx the roofing industry is experiencing.

Silver said she and Dessert both recognize that the construction industry and business climate is rapidly changing, and the challenges business owners face today will only increase. 

“Times are changing, and I understand that change is a choice, but I also know that survival is not mandatory,’ she explained. “Keeping yourself and your company planning for the future will be critical for those that want to stay relevant in our industry.” 

Attending this cutting-edge educational mastermind event will also include small accountability groups for follow up, Silver said. GAF Master Elite Contractors also have the opportunity to earn learning credits towards their continuing education requirements. For more information you can visit the website or email Jen Silver at or Graham Dessert at