Jen Silver has been on the road for the better part of the last two years, talking to roofing contractors and other industry stakeholders about to better run their insurance-related work and improve their overall business opportunities.

She’s been able to do that and still operate her residential roofing business, Roofing Utah, in Salt Lake City because she has a trusted team of professionals working diligently on her business process. That team of professionals is made up of both members of roofing’s next generation, often referred to as the millennials and Gen Z groups. And they are indeed separate entities.

“A lot of us collapse the two generations into one and we think the younger generation is all the same. They’re not,” Silver said in this brief video with RC Publisher Jill Bloom. They’re completely driven by two different things and understanding that gives you a better perspective on how to manage them.”

Silver breaks down the elements and expectations of each generation, and how roofing contractors can use that information to their advantage when it comes to recruiting and retaining young talent in their companies.