For the last several years, Roofing Contractor magazine has hosted a multiday program called “Best of Success,” with no shortage of qualified organizations that embody the tenets of what success means. And then there is Carthage, Tenn.-based Rackley Roofing, which offers a template for becoming an industry leader.

In this video, you will meet Curtis Sutton, president, and Michelle Boykin, chief operating officer and integrator of Rackley Roofing; their half-hour presentation - recorded live from Best of Success 2022 in Scottsdale, Ariz., — may change how many roofing contractors approach business operations.

Sutton and Boykin are a formidable team; the yin to the other’s yang. While each has a different role, their stories and advice indicate how speaking with one voice underscores what makes the company a success. They discuss Rackley Roofing's core values, share suggestions for internal and external marketing best practices, and outline the company's future growth trajectory.

Their session is a master class in entrepreneurship. Sharing the company’s linear story from its founding to the present day, Sutton and Boykin take listeners through its various approaches to maintaining a market-leading pole position.

Emphasizing internal and external branding in this address, the pair offer tangible, executable and affordable ways to extend your company’s name recognition, solidify its branding and emphasize its core values.