LEHI, Utah — JobNimbus CEO Ben Hodson joins forces with Roofer Marketers’ Jim Ahlin to bring marketing solutions to contractors on the new season of “Building Business.” The series, which was created by leading CRM and project management platform, JobNimbus, will start June 27 on YouTube and podcast platforms.

“The spirit and mission of ‘Building Business’ is to give contractors the things they can use right now to make their businesses a little bit better every single day,” said Hodson.

“Building Business” is in its third season and will focus on the essentials of marketing a business, maximizing brand impression, and customer relationship management. Contractors will receive actionable tips and tricks that include:

  • Top 10 marketing tips that every contractor should know, including having a marketing plan, understanding your target customer, and having a website that represents your company and services.
  • Choosing the best lead sources for your business, how much to spend on advertising for real results, and creating a profit net to determine profitability.
  • Increasing your ranking on Google by publishing high value content.
  • Identifying your perfect customer by targeting audiences whose needs match the product/service your offer and knowing when to refer a customer to another company.

“When I was asked by JobNimbus to participate in their ‘Business Building’ series, I immediately said yes as it aligns so well with the mission of Roofer Marketers,” said Jim Ahlin, co-founder of Roofer Marketers. “We love to educate the roofing and contracting community to help them succeed!”

“Building Business” has been a resource to many contractors looking for solutions to scale their business. Past episodes have featured Hodson with experts from various business specialties discussing how small businesses can reach their goals. To view the first two seasons of “Building Business”, visit JobNimbus’ YouTube channel or watch the trailer here.