Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently signed into law what he called the most significant insurance reforms in his state in a generation.

It followed a special legislative session where Florida lawmakers passed a package of insurance bills that would ease requirements for replacing damaged roofs. The rules for contractors are changing and RC legal expert Trent Cotney, of Adams & Reese, breaks down what contractors need to know in this short Legal Insights video.

“Insurance rates in Florida continue to skyrocket and there’s a push from consumers to get something done,” Cotney said.

He also warned that roofing contractors should pay attention, as what works in Florida can also indicate what insurers will try in other states.

“The insurance companies love to use Florida as a test ground so I do anticipate that the next move for insurance companies would be probably places like Georgia, Texas and Colorado,” Cotney said.

Sticking with Florida, Cotney also discusses the state’s Telephone Communications Protection Act. It’s been in place for about a year, and it’s had some impact on how contractors seek leads and can grow their businesses, he said. Check out how by watching the video here or by visiting our podcast page to download the audio version.