Upon reviewing Florida’s new property insurance reform law (SB 76), Gale Force Roofing and Restoration LLC in Florida set out to defend the First Amendment rights of contractors across the state.

“They put in language that limited contractors and prohibited our ability of free speech to our customers, and that’s the biggest issue that we had,” Alex Gerhart, principal at Gale Force Roofing, told RC.

In mid-July, a federal judge agreed, placing an injunction on that portion of SB 76 and allowing roofing contractors to resume providing customers with information about repairing their roofs. RC spoke with Gerhart and his fellow Gale Force Roofing Principal, Zach Willard, about their court victory and what roofing contractors around the country should be doing to prevent similar limitations from happening in their states.

View the video here or listen to the podcast version here.