As the 2022 storm season ramps up for the roofing industry, it’s important to have an idea and plan on how to ensure your client’s buildings will remain secure and dry.

In this video, RC Managing Editor Chris Gray chats with Greg Hudson, commercial sales director, Dens Products – Georgia-Pacific, about tips and strategies commercial roofing contractors should keep in mind for this storm season.

“You need to build resiliency into your roof system,” he said. “Climate change is happening, and so you’re seeing weather patterns that are different – you’re seeing things like very severe hail markets come up in the U.S.”

Hudson discusses aspects that contractors are aware of, such as wind uplift ratings or using products like DensDeck StormX that are built for severe weather, but also touches on key areas that are easy to miss or overlook. Hudson also touches on the state of the commercial roofing industry following two years of a pandemic and supply shortages and how, despite these setbacks, it’s on the rise.

“I think we have a really great trade out there when it comes to commercial low-slope roofing contractors,” said Hudson.

Watch the full video here. For the audio version on the interview, visit our podcast page.