HERNDON, Va. — Beacon, in connection with its Investor and Analyst event in Houston, Texas, has published its inaugural Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report. In a release, Beacon said the 2021 CSR Report expresses its belief in responsible corporate citizenship and a commitment to transparency and continuous improvement.

“We are proud of our work to reduce our environmental impact, keep our employees safe and healthy, give back to our communities, and uphold our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct as a guide for everything we do,” said Julian Francis, Beacon’s president and CEO. “As we grow, we will do the right thing for our people, for the communities where we work, and for the planet.

"Our first CSR Report is an important milestone. There is certainly more for us to do on this journey, and we are committed to delivering the goals included in our 2021 CSR.”

Highlights from Beacon’s inaugural CSR Report include:

  • Building better for the environment: Beacon knows that protecting the environment is essential to its long-term success. It is operating with sustainable business practices, including reducing fleet emissions and saving energy in its facilities. Specifically, by the year 2030, Beacon is committed to reduce the intensity of its greenhouse gas emissions by 50%.
  • Putting people first: For Beacon, this means helping its employees, customers and communities stay safe and healthy, and reach their full potential. The company does this by emphasizing its core values to all employees, establishing shared expectations of respect and inclusivity, work ethic and collaboration. Its commitment to being a great place to work is evident by the numbers: as of December 2021, over 800 employees, more than 10% of its workforce, have celebrated 20-plus year milestones with Beacon.
  • Doing the right thing: Beacon believes doing the right thing is everyone’s job. Its employees work together to uphold the company's Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, manage risk, and commit to building better every day.

Last year, Beacon’s board of directors updated its Nominating and Governance Committee Charter to include the committee’s role overseeing governance of the company’s corporate social responsibility, safety, and environmental practices.

The company intends to share its progress on ESG initiatives annually. View Beacon’s 2021 CSR Report at becn.com/2021-CSR-Report.