SAN FRANCISCO — HOVER has announced new partnerships with ABC Supply and Beacon Building Products, enabling contractors to place orders with the roofing distributors from within the HOVER platform with Direct Ordering.

Using precise measurements created with HOVER's 3D model, Direct Ordering calculates material quantities, instantly prepares material lists for roofing products, and places the order with their distributor. The automated ordering process takes into account a contractor's unique pricing and installation preferences and offers a single, connected digital experience, eliminating the need for manual entry or separate ordering. HOVER's Direct Ordering streamlines and digitizes the process for ordering materials.

"We're thrilled to partner with HOVER to give contractors a digital option for ordering roofing materials," said Mike Jost, ABC Supply COO. "Our customers often rely on us to determine the quantity of supplies needed for a project, and having HOVER's precise measurements automatically connected to the order means we deliver exactly what is needed more efficiently."

Supply chain related delays, increasing homeowner demand for roofing renovation and repair, and the ever-present need for cost-savings efficiencies have put pressure on exterior home improvement contractors over the last few years. Their ability to calculate and order the exact quantities of roofing materials they need directly from trusted suppliers through HOVER's Direct Ordering tool means jobs can be completed more quickly, with more savings and allows greater earning potential through the number of jobs a contractor can do.

"We're excited to partner with HOVER to allow contractors to place orders directly through the platform," said Jamie Samide, vice president of marketing at Beacon. "We've supported roofing contractors for nearly 100 years, getting them the best supplies right on time. The addition of HOVER's precise measurements automatically connected to the order is another service innovation helping our customers build more."

Roofing contractors are already touting the benefits the new partnerships will provide, such as Tyler Schisler, co-owner of Shumaker Roofing.

"Using HOVER, we can confidently build out estimates in minutes, providing transparency, and calculating the number of materials needed," said Schisler. "By streamlining ordering, my projects can move forward more quickly because I'm getting the exact quantity of materials I need with efficiency and ease."

Tim Lengel, director of operations at Feldco, said the integration will now allow his company to streamline the ordering process by placing an order with one click instead of breaking down measurements to manually create an order. 

"HOVER has made the previously difficult process of accurately measuring and pricing roofing and siding projects simple," said Lengel. "It allows us to train new sales representatives faster so we can easily scale our business across locations. Not only will orders be sent quicker and with more accuracy, but less time doing administrative work means more time developing our staff and delighting our customers. This is the definition of a win-win and it will be a game changer for us."

The ability to place orders with ABC Supply and Beacon from within HOVER will become available later this year. To download the HOVER app, please visit